Play Ball?


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OMG!!!!! AWESOME!!! SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!:love::ROFLMAO: I LOVE THIS TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:LOL: Sara, you and Hero are AWESOME!!!!:LOL:


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LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! Now, how in the world did you train that???

JUST THE CUTEST TRICK!!! i want to teach this one, too!!!

did you place the hoop under her chin while she held the ball, and gave release cue, and then moved the hoop out farther, a bit at a time??
or how did you do this?? THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!

Sara Carson

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To teach this is actually really simple. If your dog knows "put it away" as in clean up your toys then you ask for this behavior and eventually switch the verbal que :)
I taught "put is away" exactly how you just said. There's also a tutorial on the forms that I created.
Hope that helpe and thanks!!


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I want to teach this trick to Missy as well. She can "put it away" (her toys). :) So this shouldn't be too hard. i haven't done "put it away" in a while though so I may need to remind her of that trick first.

Hero is just too cute! GREAT JOB, Hero and Sara!