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    Yes, some tricks she'll catch onto easily. Every dog has a trick or two that they'll catch onto easily. And I say she is hard to train, because she tries doing everything in super speed to get the treat or toy and when that doesn't work she'll try other tricks she already knows. Sometimes I can't get her to focus because she is so focused on the reward she's not listening to me at all.
    Personally I don't think any dog should be judged of what they are capable of because of there breed. I'm sure there are Pit bulls out there who aren't very bright and take a long time to catch on to what their trainer/owner is trying to teach them. Every dog is different If we were judging by breeds than I could say that Lotta should be easy to train because she is a Cavalier, but I don't.
    Remember the videos you saw is of when she already knew the trick, not when I was teaching it. Or the video is of after I have already been teaching a trick to her. Yes, Piper is smart and eager to learn, but she can be difficult to train. Heck I still haven't been able to teach her to stay off counters, not steal things that aren't hers, my niece's dolls are not chew toys. Just because Piper is hard to train doesn't mean she can't be taught, same goes for Lotta.

    Can we try something? I want you to pick a trick to teach Lotta. Pick something that isn't on Piper's list of tricks she knows. Together me and you are going to teach our dogs the trick. You will record each training session with Lotta and I will do the same for Piper and maybe Missy. We can get other DTA members involved to.
    This way I can see how Lotta is doing and give you tips on what to do differently. Can we do this? I really think it could help you.
    This way you can see other people training there dog.
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    We hadn't been able to answer your message earlier.

    We had just written about this in this thread: Who Is Interested In A Trick Challenge?
    My friend thought that we could discuss about it in that thread.

    Of course my friend had noticed that.
    My friend's questions relates to Piper's behavior and training.
    So, can you tell my friend about that?

    In another thread we have told that Lotta acts silly and in which way. You have told that Piper offers behaviors in training. My friend thinks that that is also acting silly in a way. She is interested in knowing what had you done yourself when Piper was "acting silly" when you were teaching her those tricks in that list. My friend is asking that so that she could find ideas on what to do when Lotta is acting silly in training.

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