Pictures From A Ukranian Dog Show And A Dog Shelter

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    I decided to make a new website ( so I made one with everything from nature photos to a Ukrainian dog show, to a Ukrainian dog shelter. They had around 200 dogs,they had three employees that worked for around 60 USD a month, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week... The shelter started in 2001, the initial goal was to take care of dogs that couldn't survive on the street by themselves. For example sick dogs, old dogs, invalid dogs, blind dogs etc. But after a while people started to leave unwanted dogs at the shelter. For example the dog got sick and they couldn't afford veterinarian care, or people thought the dog eat too much and they couldn't afford it, or they just got tired from the dog. The shelter also got dogs that have been beaten by people, many drug-addicted thinks it's funny to torture stray dogs.

    The biggest problem they had was the money, it came a vet two times a week to sterilize the dogs but they didn't have enough money for enough medicine etc. The biggest problem they had was that it sometimes was hard to get food for the dogs, people donated some, but it was too little. The dogs mostly got different types of porridges and some puppies had gotten rickets.

    They said we was the only volunteers who came and worked, other people just gave something and then left.

    The shelter was in pretty bad condition, but on the other hand, they tried to do as much as they could for the dogs. Most of the dogs didn't sit in kennels at least but could roam freely on a pretty big area.

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    It is heartbreaking, but that's how it is in these countries. People don't care for dogs like we do. I used to live in South America and there were no shelters there. Dogs were just thrown out of the car on the outskirts of town(where we lived) When they became a hazard, because there were too many and were attacking lifestock or even people, they were just shot.:(

    I love the other albums on your site! georgeous pictures(y)
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    wow, this is great you are helping with local shelter, good on you!

    i wonder, if any local butchers could donate any bones or leftover scraps, to help improve dogs chances of getting meat?
    Or some car-washes or bake sales or some type of fundraiser might help acquire better dog food?

    it is great the dogs are not caged, oh how nice!!

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