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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    I'm going into town soon and want to get some physical books on Dog Behavior/Psychology (just cannot get comfy reading in bed with anything like kindle etc.).

    Any good suggestions please as to the best books?

    Already have on my list:

    Click to Calm by Emma Parsons (checked available in bookstore here)
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  2. rouen Experienced Member

    Entirely depends on how scientific you want to get. There are a ton of books on ethology(the science of behavior) which would be college level reading. For more basic reading I would go with;
    Control unleashed by Leslie McDevitt
    Anything by Patricia McConnell
    Anything by Karen Pryor
    Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs by Grisha Stewart
    Focus not fear by Ali Brown
    On talking terms with dogs by Turid Rugaas
    The dog whisperer by Paul Owens
    Bones would rain from the sky by Suzanne Clothier

    Merle's door by Ted Kerasote is also good, it's not directly about dog behavior but I think it's a good book and worth reading.

    That should give you a little material.
  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Rouen, that's a grand list and will keep me going for a while:D Plus not too far to Christmas - send out some hints:D;)

    I'll start with the basics and work up to the ethology books, don't mind a really 'serious' read either, but my degrees weren't in science of any kind, so think it's best to start at the beginning:D With a good grounding the more advanced books will be a lot easier to read and understand, won't have to keep checking back or wondering what they mean.

    You've been a great help, as a lot of the books in the big chain shops here are mostly pretty 'coffee table' books, cute but no good for learning animal behavior etc. Or just dictionaries of breeds etc. expensive and useful (plus heavy weight wise) but again not much help with actual training. If the books you've suggested aren't in stock I know one store will order in for you(y)
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  4. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Great recommendations from Rouen!

    Also Brenda Aloff - Canine Body language
    Culture Clash - Jean Donaldson
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Jazzy and Veronica have added them to my list:D(y)
  6. Evie Experienced Member

    Oooo, i think i might have to have a look at them :D
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Evie, which bookstore would be the best to hit first??? I know Dymocks but not sure of others in Adelaide. I am also thinking there's a good one in Hahndorf too, not just the city, LOL good 'excuse' to go to Hahndorf for the day:D
  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Rouen gave you a great list!
    Bones Would Rain from the Sky (on Rouen's list) is one of my alltime favs!!
    Another one I really like is "Inside of a Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz

    There's a thread someplace, I believe Jean put it together a while back - everyone shared their favorite books. You might want to try find that one. Or I might want to try to find that one. :D
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  9. jackienmutts Honored Member

  10. Evie Experienced Member

    Mary, to be honest, I don't think ANY book store will actually stock these books that we're looking for. You'd be best up to call them in advance to a) see if they have the book or b) see if they can order it in for you.
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Jackie:D(y) I'm sure it'll be one of mine too, we have the same taste in dogs, so that will carry through to books too I'm sure. Cannot wait to get them all:D

    Starting to 'hint' for Christmas Presents:LOL:
  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Good thought Evie, I hadn't seen any last time I was in Dymocks, just the 'coffee table' books.

    Will do that, ring first, otherwise it's onto the internet:)
  14. Evie Experienced Member

    Yeah you can find them online easy enough :)
  15. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Glad to be of help. :D I've read "Bones.." a few times, and parts of it several times, have some of it highlited, etc - and have given copies to people, that's how much I like it. So much of "Bones.. " is about the dog-human relationship, which is what I love about it. And one of the sentences in her book which I've always remembered: Dogs will always tell you the truth. If you get it, let me know - and I'll tell you where to find my all-time passage in the whole book. It sold me right there, the first time I read it - and sometimes when I'm missing my old dogs who I've loved and lost thru the years, I go back and read that particular passage and it somehow all makes sense. Probably sounds weird right now - but ... it's just a wonderful book, in my opinion.

    Good luck finding your picks, yes there's always online ... and it's always fun to hint around for Christmas gifts. :rolleyes::LOL:
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    "Bones" has moved to top of the list:D(y) I LOVE that quote "dogs will always tell you the truth' it's so true!

    I will let you know as soon as I get a copy, thanks so much:D

    I can understand and no it doesn't sound weird at all, it's grand you have a book which helps during those difficult times. I need that too.
  17. MaryK Honored Member

    Going to do a ring around, but may just go online. I know the Click to Calm is available and in Australia too, not Overseas. The waiting for overseas books to arrive can be maddening:(Patience, when it comes to waiting for parcels to arrive, is not my strong point:D
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  18. jackienmutts Honored Member

    We're you able to find any books? I guess we're so spoiled here - I live in a small town so order books I want (there's a large bookstore ~15 miles away, but the chances of them having what I want are small), but they're here w/in a few days. Can't imagine having to await for overseas shipping. *sigh* :confused:
  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Not so far but have been very busy. Yes I miss not having things arrive quickly, still haven't fully adjusted to that factor. I am surprised at the lack of decent book shops here, whilst there are the big commercial ones, their stock is very limited when it comes to 'educational' books, unless you're into cooking! Melbourne and Sydney had much better resources.

    The last book I bought, which was ordered in from overseas, took three months to arrive!!!!!!!!!! It was on a different subject and I had to order through a small shop.

    Had to wait until the wholesalers (Gordon and Gotch) had a large enough shipment to warrant sending books.

    On-line it is quicker but can still take up to six weeks or more:eek:
  20. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Holy cow, I couldn't even imagine!!!!! :eek::confused:(n):eek:
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