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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tx_cowgirl, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Sooo, out of sheer luck, I ran across a flyer for a local photgrapher who was taking donations of dog food for a canine Meals-On-Wheels program. In exchange, you got a free photo session for your dogs. So NATURALLY, I immediately dialed the phone and made an appointment. The models? Zeke and Mudflap. She got many photos of them together, and several separates. Jumping, spinning, standing, waving, virtually any pose imaginable, we got them of both dogs. They're going to look GREAT!!!! I'm so excited and I just can't wait until they get them done. The photographer and crew were wowed by my BC and a half(lol), and fell in love with them. Of course, Mudflap had to butter them up...she insisted on visiting everyone and schmoozing them. Lol!! Even Zekers was calm and very unafraid of the whole situation!!! They did fantastic and I know the pictures are going to be wonderful. They'll be calling next week to let me come look through all the pictures they took and pick what I want. I can't wait!!!!! And I'll post them here for all to see, too. :) Ironically enough, it's the same photographer who did my brother's wedding last month. Small world.

  2. Mika Well-Known Member

    Nice! Congratulations. :dogsmile:
  3. ozibe Experienced Member

    Look forward to seeing the photos. Nothing nicer then professional shots of your dog.
  4. sarhaspups New Member

    Cool!! I can't wait to see the pictures!
  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WHAT an awesome program!!!!!! WOW!
    Bet that was a lotta FUN!! Post the pics soon as you can!!!
  6. dogbuddy New Member

    that's soo cool! we hope to see the pictures soon :dogsmile:
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    It's only Monday, so not going to call and She's going to call this week she said, so that could be anytime. I'm so impatient though, I can't wait to see them. They're going to be sooo good I think. After my BC pup next summer I will definitely be going back to her for more BC pics, lol!

    As soon as I get them I'll be posting them here!!! :D :D :D :D
  8. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    YOu are getting the new BC puppy next summer? I take it you are getting this puppy from a breeder? Do you pick it out yourself from the litter, or what? How exciting!! HOw old will the puppy be before it is taken from it's mom and littermates?
  9. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Yep. I have first pick of the litter. I think 8 weeks. I will not take a pup at 12 weeks....the socialization period is 6-12 weeks, and although I know it's a good breeder, I want to PERSONALLY know that every opportunity was taken for socialization in that period. And I want to know PERSONALLY exactly how the pup reacted to any situation during that period. I like to get pups at 8 weeks. Plenty of nutrition and socialization with mom and littermates and home environment, but plenty more time for different socilization from me and outside environment. (Of course, only in certain places or being carried...won't have all vaccs at that age, you know.)

    Mum-to-be is a piebald blue merle...neither long nor short-coated, lol. She's confused. It's thick and somewhat long, but not as nearly as full as a long-coated BC. She's not as smooth as a smoothie, but her coat is MUCH shorter than Buddy's or Mud's. Very cute. ^^ Wonderful temperament, very laid back for a BC. Easy-going and open-minded, not timid in the least, not overfriendly or annoying. Breeder/owner has done a wonderful job with her but she's also just naturally even-tempered. She's had some crazy BCs too, lol, but this girl is much like Mud. Which is another reason why I picked her. ^^ Color is certainly not at the top of my list, but she does have a neat color! Healthy hips, eyes, etc! She'll be doing outside breeding this time, none of her studs. Needs some variety in her lines. The two she's looking at are both's a red, and one's a...tri I think??? Can't remember. I'm pushing for the red. :D I do kind of have an aching for a red or a red merle. But if she doesn't have either I'll still be happy. ^^ It's a long time away, but I've already got a name list, lol!!
  10. posie New Member

    Wow I can't wait 2 c the photos lol the only time other than getting photos by me posies only had her photo taken was by a lady who was having her dogs b'day and her job is to take photos at birthdays I think I might put them up can't wait 2 c u'rs!!!!!!
  11. jazzycat New Member

    awww. They are too cute!
  12. fickla Experienced Member

    such great pictures!!!
  13. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Awww, just beautiful!!
  14. sara Moderator

    The photo's of your dogs are brilliant!!! I'm really impressed :)

    My dogs got to have a photo shoot last june as well, but theirs are for a book. I will get a CD of the pics tho. The lady doing the photo's is traveling all over the US and Canada, taking pics of deaf dogs, and rescued dogs for the 2 books she's doing. she's hoping to raise 300 000 for dog rescue with the books. Check out her website The Photo Book Projects | Rescue Dogs, Deaf Dogs, Animal Rescue, Photography Initiative

    It's alot of fun isn't it TXCG? and the fact that the pics will be used to benefit dog rescue is really exciting! Scout and Mouse will be appearing in the deaf dog photobooks, pre-ordering of the books is available if anyone wants to get one!
  15. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Thanks everyone!
    How lucky are you with your famous little dogs! :D What a neat idea. Might have to get that book...
    And yes it is a lot of fun. ^^ Can't wait to see the pics of your cuties.
  16. snooks Experienced Member

    What great pics of those gorgeous got the real personality shots. they are beautiful dogs.

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