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Talk about PETA.

I've been reading about them for many years now and one thing I've found about about them is their treatment of animals is anything but ethical. The are directly responsible for the deaths of many animals done in such ways that could not be called euthanasia. Yet they are a powerful organization. Then again most zealots who organize are.

When I think of PETA I think of People Eating Tasty Animals.

Time for breakfast. Bacon, Sausage, Eggs and toast.


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I share your views on this subject... PETA and HSUS, along with the other animal rights groups that must exist throughout the world :(

Not to be confused with animal welfare organizations - generally speaking, they are awesome!

I saw an article a few months back where PETA was trying to convince the band 'Phish' to change their name to 'Sea Kittens'... after all, if people thought of fish as cute kittens it would be much easier to stop the practice of eating them. <sigh>



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Well I happen to like both PETA and the HSUS. I know there are rightwing websites and organizations out there confusing the issue and writing things that are misleading or downright untrue about them and other animal rights organizations, and if you look more closely at some of those, and who funds them, then you will realize what they are up to, which is trying to confuse people in order to promote their own agenda.

Does that mean I agree with everything they do? No, of course not. Sometimes they are entirely TOO RADICAL in their actions. But in general PETA and the HSUS both bring a lot of issues to light that otherwise people would not know about. I DO NOT believe PETA is responsible for the deaths of animals, as those organizations, or you, claim they are.


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Violence for any cause takes more away IMHO. There are more effective ways to influence people that are more commiserate with preventing cruelty.


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I agree snooks. I am not convinced that either of those organizations do anything to hurt animals though.