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    I am pet sitting this weekend for the first time with the dog staying at my house. I have been helping his family train him. He is a really wonderful golden retriever, but had never learned how to relax. So I would go over and work on down stays, on your side, massage and relaxation. He is doing amazing for me at his own house, but is having a a difficult time adjusting to the new environment. He is not very food motivated and had been taking some treats from me at his own house, but not taking many at all here. He also is very rarely on a leash, if ever and is used to being let outside on an electric collar. He was worried about the boundaries in my back yard and planting when he thought maybe he would get a shock if he went between two trees. He freaks out on walks when he see's little yellow flags or...
    He also acts like he has never seen cars before and stops and stares at people. I am trying to get him to walk nicely on a leash because I don't have a fenced in yard. He is getting better, but I only have him for three days, so it might take him the whole time to adjust and we might not get too much training done. We had a rough night last night. I think it is a combination of the new environment and the fact that he doesn't get to sleep with his people unless they think he is really tired and won't bother them. He whined and panted heavily. The other problem I am having is that he doesn't know how to go to the bathroom on a leash. As funny as that sounds it seems to be a common occurrence for dogs and they need to learn how to go to the bathroom on and off leash. I think the fact that his people are just about never home ( this is my third time pet sitting for them this month and I am sometimes the only one that interacts with him at all during the day) adds to his overall stress level.

    This dog has an amazing personality at his house, but his owners just don't understand how wonderful he is and I know he will never reach his potential!
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    This makes me so sad...and angry. I am very against electric collars and invisible fences and its so sad that this dog is actually scared to be a dog and explore for fear of being shocked. There are so many dogs who have such potential but because of un-educated or ill-educated owners will never get to live life the way it should be lived. Have you tried talking to his owners about it?
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    Yeah, I agree! I don't like electric fences either. I haven't said anything about the fence to them since he already knows the boundaries in his yard and will respect them even without the collar. I will mention it when I tell them how he did this weekend though. I have told them on several occasions that they have a really nice dog though and they some what agree with me. I am also trying to just get them to spend more time with their dog.
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  4. Caiti Experienced Member

    Good idea. I guess it's all you can do. Maybe if they spend more time with him they'll have a change of heart. :)
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    I too feel so sad and angry, especially about electric fences which I am totally against. Anyway you could video his behavior at your home? If they see a 'different side' to their dog, that just may make them realize they have an amazing dog, and help them to understand that dogs need and love interaction, learning, attention and love.

    Always feel so sad for dogs who are just kept as 'dogs' with no real interaction or training, dogs are just so amazing they deserve better.
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