Pet dog hitches ride on snowlift


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A pet dog is turning heads on the snow-covered slopes - by using a ski-lift.

Guinness, a four-year-old collie, leaps into the air and grabs hold of the lift with his teeth at the Glenshee Ski Centre, then hitches a ride.

He then decides when to jump off, before running and skidding downhill.

He is owned by Graham McCabe, managing director of the ski centre, who said: "Guinness is slightly mad and very cheeky, but also extremely clever."

Mr McCabe said: "He has actually figured out how to work the release mechanism and go up the mountain whenever he wants.

"He will hang on for a while and go up for as long as he feels like it. He either goes all the way to the top or gets bored and drops off into the snow and runs back down to get another one.
Source & Full Story: BBC News