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I have been trying to get Kali to give me her paw for around 3 years now. Last night I was teaching it to Rumer who caught on right away as to what I wanted and pretty much does it perfectly now. Kali was laying across the room watching us. She came over to me while I was doing paw with Rumer, sat down in front of me and gave me her paw. Apparently the brat knew what I wanted whole entire time and just didn't want to do it lol. I was very shocked to see it happen and there was much praise and treats and pets after it happened.

Jean Cote

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Yeah some dogs will learn some tricks faster than others. You'll also notice that some dogs learn better with one technique than another. For example, my Border Collie loves being lured and learns quite fast, but my Siberian Husky learns better using shaping. ;)