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Who has one? Lets discuss the breed! I dont know if this is true, but i've heard that in a household, papillons will love every member of the family, but will become especially attached to one person. Opinions?:dogbiggrin:


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Hi there! I have a wonderful papillon, male, 7 months, called Archie. There's only the 2 humans in our family and yes, Archie does love us both. I think he probably listens to me a bit more than my partner, but that's probably due to me being the primary carer/trainer, but there's not too much in it. Maybe he's too young to have developed a special attachement to one or the other of us yet?
One thing we've found with him, and that we were warned about in getting a Papillon, is that they are more difficult to toilet train than other breeds. he's 7 months now, and hasn't had an accident inside for a little while now, but I just know that he would if we weren't so diligent in taking him out all the time. Especially when its raining, he longs to wee on the warm dry carpet inside!
Otherwise, a great little dog - intelligent, quiet (very little barking), no fur shedding issues (I have allergies so this was a prime factor to consider), and doesn't need massive runs to keep him fit. Having said that, he does get 3 walks a day, but these are to keep his mind active/occupied ratehr than because he needs the physical exercise.
Archie always gets heaps of attention from passers-by on his walks, as he is quite a striking looking dog (as all Paps are!). Luckily he is very people-oriented and loves the attention!
Speaking of which, I find he's not that food orientated, so treats for training need to be really small and varied so that he doesn't get bored/full too quickly!

So do you have a Pap? Age, sex, name, etc? Its lovely to meet a fellow owner! There is another Pap who lives on our street and we are always meeting up to discuss their quirks.


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I really like paps. I want to get one day as my "smart breed". I fell in love seeing a 'Breed All About It' episode featuring the breed. They're just so clever!

What are their grooming demands like? Daily, twice weekly, weekly?

Have you seen the phalenes? They're a cool pap variety. :D


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Aww! So Happy is VERY food motivated. He's 5, and a boy.He doesn't listen to my brother AT ALL, or barely but it is my brother's fault a little, i guess. He isn't so crazy about dogs. Probably because he got bit by one when he was younger(but so did I). I've heard also that they are a bit hard to potty train, and sometimes stubborn. I am the primary caretaker. Happy also gets loads of attention of every kind!! He is a spoiled little dog! He sees himself every bit of our equal.

I brush him twice a week, sometimes more or less.
I havent heard about them!


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I don't know much about the breed, but I do like Papillons! (One of few small breeds I am fond of...I'm a big/medium breed person.) ^^ Very pretty dogs.


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I was always a big breed fan myself (wanted a chocolate brown lab as my ideal dog) but space restrictions at the house we bought meant I had to scale my ideas back, and I'm glad we did. I love my little papillon!

We are thinking of adding to our pack with another, maybe a girl, sable coloured, for a bit of variety, but not for a few months yet. Maybe when Archie is 1.

Archie has one ear up and one down at the moment, so could be considered half-pap half-Phalene, I guess, although the breeder told us it will eventually go up.

I brush Archie about once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Its funny that everyone who sees him comments on how soft his fur is and how well cared-for he must be, when really, even though they're a long coat breed, they don't need that much work. But even unearned praise is nice to get ;-)

Happy sounds lovely (and what a great name, BTW - perfect for a Papillon!!!) - maybe Archie will become more food orientated as he gets older, like Happy. Archie does prefer people to dogs in general, and is still wary of big dogs, but he has a few buddies (2 mini-schnauzers and 2 cavalier poodle crosses) that he plays with regularly, and when he sees those guys, he seems to forget that I exist!

Also, because he likes people so much, and they like him, he tries to abandon us in favour of a new family almost on a daily basis. Luckliy, I have the secret weapon to get him back every time - I crouch down and give a call which he knows means playtime and then I grab him and tickle him. He loves that so much he comes running!


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I have 2 of them. 1 a 4 yr. old female given up by. I only got her a few months ago, she is a Phalene. My other one is a puppy mill pup. He will be 2 this Sept. He and I are in training
Great fun little dogs.


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I love Paps. I've always said they are border collies in a small body!! LOL. Very cool little dogs. They are great for agility also! Good luck!!


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we rescued a pap x chihuahua, she was a great dog always up for a game and she loved to escape out the door (sometimes tripping you up as she run out under your feet) she would always go to the car, she just liked the challenge, she was abit shy with strangers but that could've been her backround, she was a puppy mill dog, she couldnt breed so they took her to the pound to be put down