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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by MaryK, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Ra Kismet is doing so well in EVERY respect:D However, we had a MAJOR tantrum when out walking:(. He was going well when just prior to turning the corner to come home, we're not far from the corner, he spotted another little dog coming up behind us. He wasn't too bad, not really good, but not really naughty, just kinda a bit pulling and hopeful. So I did the reverse but unfortunately I HAD RUN OUT OF TREATS:( so had to rely on "Good boy" "take it easy young man" etc.

    We made it round the corner without too much drama BUT the woman with the little white dog was catching us up FAST because we were not walking at normal speed.

    The rot set in when, despite being able to clearly see I was 'training' Ra Kismet and he was getting excited, she walked RIGHT UP BEHIND US (almost INTO us) then ALLOWED HER DOG, who was also PULLING to get alongside Ra Kismet. To make matter worse, Ra Kismet who thought he was going to do a 'meet and greet' suddenly found the woman had YANKED her dog into the road and crossed the street. It was like 'taking away his chance to meet and greet'.

    He went into OVERDRIVE TANTRUM. Leaped up BITING at the lead (and ACCIDENTLY bit my hand). It was NOT a good scene, he had been doing so well:cry:

    Just to help everyone, will explain about his reaction to other dogs in the street.

    Example 1. Walking along and a lady with TWO dogs suddenly came out of a driveway. We ALL jumped a bit as we almost collided BUT the lady stopped and Ra Kismet and her two dogs did a 'meet and greet' with him all was QUIET AND PEACEFUL with Ra Kismet trotting along VERY HAPPILY with her two dogs and when it came time to part, he went off with me quite contentedly - NO DRAMA.

    Example 2. Malamute Rescue dog "taking' his new Mom for a walk - we managed to get both our some what miscreant dogs past each other with just minor pulling on both sides. Did a 'meet and greet' and stopped to chat about our respective rescue boys:) Ra Kismet sat like an ANGEL so much so that the lass commented that 'we were further ahead than she was with training and that he was SUCH A GOOD BOY".

    Example 3. Neighbor has two dogs, one very good the other a yappy dog. The good one (toy poodle x) ran out onto the footpath but RA KISMET SAT DOWN and didn't make any fuss. Again comments on 'how good he was'.

    Example 4. Met Sasha in the street (now his play date when her owners are home on weekends). Her owner allowed 'meet and greet' and :LOL: apart from much lead tangling as they walked along all 'lovey dovey' he walked like an ANGEL.

    Sorry this is such a long post but am REALLY perplexed over his OVER REACTIONAL BEHAVOR AT TIMES.

    Seems he's a bit too keen to 'meet and greet' and acts like a spoiled child when he doesn't get the opportunity so to do. And when another dog looks like it (a) wants to 'meet and greet' and is then (b) yanked away right under his nose, it's more than the kid can take.

    Obviously this has to stop as I cannot be responsible for other dog owners and what they wish to do. Zeus my older dog just toddles along and doesn't take any notice at all. And I trained him, so I cannot be such a bad trainer. I admit I am wondering what on earth I've done wrong with Ra Kismet:unsure:O_o:confused: Plus partner keeps saying it's all my fault:(
    and refuses to help, as I suggested, by taking Zeus out with us so Ra Kismet can see how he reacts or rather doesn't react to other dogs.:(

    How can I stop this? It's now really, apart from 'tidying up' things, his ONLY REAL PROBLEM.

    He's getting much better, with the aid of click treat passing dogs barking inside fences, another thing which does set him off. A bit more work needed there but happy with his progress.

    We started with LAT only problem there is :LOL: still haven't found anything which REALLY catches his attention. He remains with eyes FIRMLY fixed on the treat bag:) Any suggestions on this matter also???

    When he goes into reactional overdrive he also develops 'tunnel vision' and 'selective hearing' it's like NOTHING else matters accept what HE wants - which is 'meet and greet'.

    I just kept 'hanging on' and saying Leave, Leave, Leave he did FINALLY leave but not before putting on a performance and a half:cry::( Once he was calm again I just walked home and didn't say anything.

    I don't want to spoil his niceness with other dogs BUT he needs to get the message that not all dogs, or maybe it should be their owners, want to do 'meet and greet'.

    It's almost as if he's TOO FRIENDLY.

    Again apologize for the long post but this is really perplexing me big timeO_o:confused::confused:

  2. MaryK Honored Member

    My apologies, I posted this in the wrong forum, was upset and just plain didn't look:( Have reposted in the correct forum for behavorial problems.

    Sincere Apologies for messing up.
  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Never thought of that thank you. It was one HUGE tantram he played up BIG TIME and really upset me, see above, I posted in the wrong forum. Yes, I could use some extra support, he's one strong dog, even though he's medium size and only weighs 21.5 kilos, still can pull and leap and bite at the lead. I wouldn't strangle to boy, he's my baby:)

    But it is hard to hang on when he's jumping up the height of my shoulder and I am 5'5' and a bit, not tall but not too short either. Ra Kismet is one sensational jumper, normally in the RIGHT way - o.k. jumping on the dining table just because 'he could' maybe wasn't so right but you can see he can SERIOUSLY jump and when that's with me on the end of the lead, it's darned hard to hang on. So foot on lead and stand there - SILENTLY????
  4. Amateur Experienced Member

    thats why I said to put your foot on the lead ... its slack when he is sitting or standing normally but wont let him jump.
    I guess silently because I dont think he is really listening at this point is he. when you see a change in his demeanour I.E. calms down a bit - ask him to sit in a calm voice and just wait.
    If you get excited trying to get him to stop this will only feed his tantrum behaviour. if you are calm he may eventually see that doing this gets him nothing - not even your attention.
  5. Evie Experienced Member

    Mary - we can work on this together if you want. If you find any good suggestions, Evie and I will happily (Well Evie might not enjoy it so much), help by walking past .. time and time again so that you have an opportunity to train Ra in a controlled environment :)

    Other than this, sorry, don't really have much to add :(

    Good luck!
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  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thread closed as conversation has moved to this thread.
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