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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by pamperedpups, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. pamperedpups Well-Known Member

    :dogtongue2: I'm Nicole, from WA, USA, and I have seven very different dogs that I'm working with. I'm really looking forward to teaching them all some new tricks, and meeting other dog lovers.

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Welcome to the Academy! Sounds like you have a houseful. What breeds are they? Our challenges are a fun way to interact with the other members and learn about how others work with their dogs. Our past challenges should give you many ideas. This month's is "cross paws." The classroom has video and written lessons for how to use positive training methods, all the basic tricks, some intermediate level tricks, and advanced--everything from sit and stay to play chess! :)

    Enjoy the site, and good luck with your dogs!
  3. snooks Experienced Member

    Oh my seven dogs..what a pack. I'd love to hear what breeds they are and what you are interesting in training. Welcome. :dogbiggrin:
  4. pamperedpups Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the wecome! I do plan on signing up for the classroom soon. Right now I'm taking Agility, Rally O and Focus classes at a local training center with Pood, Tater and Clarity respectively.

    Several of our dogs were unplanned additions, rescued off of the streets and never claimed, or taken in when their less than stellar previous owners decided or had to give them up. All seven live indoors with us, and I work from home so they're aren't alone much at all. Our pampered pack includes:

    Pood, a 9 year old, one eyed, Toy Poodle who has been in Agility training for about two years
    Tater & Clarity, yearling, Toy Poodle x Mini Dachshund siblings who are in training for Rally O
    Nut, an older, rescued, reactive, Toy Poodle
    Sam, a mature, rescued Lab x Shepherd who I would like to see become a therapy dog through Love on a Leash
    Jake, my boyfriend's goofy, 9 year old, Boxer
    Max, our older, rescued Boxer mix

    My first goal for all of them is to earn Canine Good Citizen titles.
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    LOL..."...my boyfriend's goofy, 9 year old, Boxer" I think the word "goofy" pretty much explains the Boxer breed. My bf has a 10-month-old Boxer, and my uncle used to breed them.

    That's a wonderful goal to have for your pooches. Good luck! :) Sounds like you're on the right track with each and every member of your pack. Kudos to you for rescuing them and helping them become well-rounded family members.
  6. pamperedpups Well-Known Member

    Tater passed his beginning Rally O class tonight. He'll be taking his first Intermediate class on Tuesday. He also went into a local bookstore with me for the first time tonight after class and did so quietly in my arms, something he's never been able to do before thanks to his big yap.

    On Sunday Clarity made big progress in her Focus class. We did a lot of fun free shaping games and she ended up thinking that pushing a skateboard across the floor was great fun. She also wagged her tail quite a bit, instead of keeping it tucked, and her confidence extended somewhat into her loose leash walking. She needs more handler focus and lots more proofing on the basics.

    Sam passed a beginners Rally O class last year and has a great on/off switch for working. I'm still working with Nut, Max and Jake at home in preparation for their first classes. I tried to take Jake to Agility when I first started in it before I knew how much foundation work was involved, and he bombed as only a goofy Boxer could. Max was abused by his previous owner and as a result is tricky to get and keep motivated, but we're getting there slowly. Nut has made lots of progress since I found her, but she can be very reactive and growly, which I think has a lot to do with her eyesight failing her. She's a kick when she's happy.
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    Congratulations! :) Just curious, could you give me more info on Rally-O. I've never tried it but I think you go around a room and do whatever it says on the card right? Maybe I'm wrong... ;)
  8. pamperedpups Well-Known Member

    Rally O is lots of fun. You do go around the ring following the directions on the numbered signs. There is lots of heel work (done off leash in upper levels) and you can talk to your dog as you go. Trials are sanctioned through the APDT or the AKC.
  9. snooks Experienced Member

    Bravo to you for such great work with all of these dogs. I have hands full with two. I'm impressed!! :dogcool:

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