Onyx Training Complications

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by tenniskitty, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Onyx is being SO bad with her training! She was learning SO well, and SO quickly! Now her "Lights!" and "Door!" tricks are becoming MORE and MORE frustrating! She just stands there and eats the treat of the pull string, when she KNOWS BETTER!!! Help???

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you have treats literally hanging from strings?
  3. dogwyld New Member

    Ok, I saw the lights video and it said you taught it in like 5 minutes (and recently)? Need to go back and retrain, IMO. For a dog to really know it well there has to be lots of repetition and using various angles, etc. I think some regression in learning can be common, just take a few steps backward to build your dog's confidence and try again.
  4. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    Thanks guys! For a while, she was learning everything, very fast, I've tried to go back over it, but she either eats the treats, or just sits there and looks at it if she can't reach it. LOL I guess I'll just have to keep working with her. LUCKILY, she's doing her other tricks fine.

    Thanks again guys, I am still learning how to train the fancy, AWESOME tricks, this PROBABLY wasn't my best idea, the treats on strings, oh well, LOL Any other ideas?:dogtongue2:

  5. dogwyld New Member

    Yes, will she tug on it if you play with her and the rope/toy? If you can get her to do a play tug. I would step back and do that--no treats. Play with her, and when she is moving back steadily and pulling on it add the word tug and let her pull it out of your hands. Do this for awhile until she will run up an tug on it when you tell her tug and are holding it.
  6. tenniskitty Experienced Member

    She'll play Tug with me, but not when the tug toy is on a string. (That was my first attempt) I think I may try cutting through a ball, because she DOES know what "Get Your Ball" means!
  7. snooks Experienced Member

    It's amazing to me that after a few weeks break from some training that it comes back almost perfect. We took a break from weave poles for a few weeks and the dog that always broke went through them perfectly every time. Sometimes training some tasks once a week is better than every day depending on the dog.

    Most trainers of complex things spend about a minute to 90 seconds on each complex task. otherwise frustration can get the best of ur dog. My puppy degenerated into barking at me after doing superb at carrying half the laundry basket today. I should have known when to stop but she was doing so well. :dogtongue2:

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