Ollie's Trick Training Videos



I haven't been on for a few weeks, but I was doing lots of trick training with my dog Ollie. Here are the training videos I did recently:

(click on the photos)

Doing a Down. He does this now without any hand signal, just voice command. My command is "Flat".

Doing Roll over. He loves doing this and he does it really fast now. Just got to progress to doing it just on voice command.

Doing Wave. Did two videos of this. He loves doing waves, and in one video he gets so excited, he hops around with his paw in the air. :)

Doing Touch with a target stick. only introduced this about a month ago and he loves doing touch. As you can see in the video, he really presses against it for the click and treat. Apologies for it going dark a couple of times, I was juggling a target stick, a clicker, a treat and a camera. :) Also, my clicks are a little out but I was concentrating a lot on filming it and forgot to click properly. :oops:

And now for the cute video of Ollie falling asleep:

And a cute photo to go with it:

Thanks for watching. :) Would love comments on his training. :)


thanks for the replies guys.

Anneke: thanks, he is a very happy and loves-life dog. :)
fly30: thank you.
tigerlily: thanks, and that is so cute. I hate my voice on videos :oops:. Good to hear another dog liked it. :)