Oliver Went Walking With The Dinosaurs!


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Sorta :) We went to Dry Island Buffalo Jump for a hike on Sunday. It's in the badlands sorta near Drumheller. The badlands are chalk full of dinosaur fossils and such, though this particular place is known more for the buffalo jump that prehistoric humans used to drive herds of Bison over the cliff in mass kills.

Oliver had a fantastic time! Though he had to be on leash for the most part, as all provincial parks have leash laws. (but I snuck him off at the river for a swim :)

Poser :)

Umm, Ollie found a mud pit! He had a great time trying to bury his ball in it! LOL It was so soft though, his ball kept floating up! LOL

This is what he looked like after LOL

Time for a swim! It was rather hot. Only 19C on top, but it had to have been at least 25C, probably more, down in the coulee. The heat gets trapped in there.

My friend that was with me couldn't get down the cliff face to the river, and Oliver was rather concerned as to why she wasn't with us!

Channeling his inner Mountain Goat!

Enjoying the sun

More Mountain climbing

Enjoying the view :)

Look! We even found a cactis!

I was taking pics of a butterfly... when I downloaded the pics onto my computer, I spotted a tresspasser!

No longer enjoying the sun :)



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And a couple of scenery shots

this is the cliff they used as the jump

part of the road to the bottom... it's extremely steep in places, and closed everytime it rains as it's impassable when wet.

The "Dry Island" for which the park gets it's name. It has never had machinery or cattle on it, it's completely natural prairie on top.

The Red Deer River

All this is only 100 km's from home! I LOVE where I live! 1 hr Southeast, I get badlands, 1 hour west, I get Mountains!


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Thanks :) We all had alot of fun there :)

The ezydog harness is really awesome for mooching around, being a dog.


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LOVE the pics!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Great place to live!!!!!:D:love: You have to drive a couple of hours from Mississauga to get somewhere close to that:rolleyes:


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Wow!! I would love to see that in person!!
Out here we don´t have mountains. Well, we say we do, but our highest `mountain` is about 300 meters above sealevel:ROFLMAO: