Oliver- Irish Terrier X


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ok so the breed is only an educated guess, but hey, it looks good :) Oliver is a male 35lb (likely) Irish Terrier x, born August 2008, rescued from the streets of Houston, Texas. He flew up to me via the Deaf Dogs Yahoo Group when he was 6 months old, and has been my learning curve :) He's the reason I decided to go totally positive in my training (which I'm still working on :p ) He's a brilliant dog with a huge vocabulary of tricks and behaviours Here's his trick list: http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/forum/threads/ok-its-my-turn-olivers-trick-and-obedience-list.4871/ which needs to be updated, as I'm missing about ten new tricks on there :) Oliver has issues with strange people, and strange dogs, but once he knows someone, he is a loving little cuddle bug! Here's Oliver's Trick list on video, as of July 2012
and some pics of my most handsome boy :) My first look at him, at the airport
The water dog!
The hairy snow dog!
A pensive moment
Handsome, smiley boy!
Ok so I have thousands more pics, but I'll stop here :)