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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by arsnic_apple, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. arsnic_apple New Member

    I have a Female german shepard who is about 4-5 years of age and i was wandering if there was a way i couyld teach her to play frisby or fetch.

    Thanks Blake

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Does she retrive? What does she do when you throw a ball, or toy?
  3. missie New Member

    Hi, I am sorry but I can't think of HOW to get your dog to retreive but I can tell you my dog who was 9 last year when we brought a puppy NEVER retreived (she would catch but that was it), I guess she learnt from the puppy who is ball mad, but they now go chasing across the field after the ball. She's not very lady like and bull dozes into the skinny 18mth old when she can't get to the ball quick enough. I'm really proud of her and she's testimant to old dogs and new tricks! I guess its just them learning, do you know anyone else with a ball mad dog to show your gs how fun it is?

    Good luck:)
  4. freakylime Guest


    Our dog is a German Short Haired Pointer who is turning 6 next year and is more active then most 3 year olds! She's always excited to see people, play catch, go to the park, go for runs etc.

    Now I'm not exactly the geniuses on dogs but are different breeds more lazy? I wouldn't know as I've only had 2 dogs and 1 passed away before his second birthday.
  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yes definately, some breeds are classed as Working Breeds, like border collies and such. It's always a good idea for new dog owners to research the different types of breeds and to match it according to their lifestyle. Obviously you wouldn't want a 70 year old lady in an apartment with a Border Collie ;)
  6. freakylime Guest

    Ahhh I see. Is there anything I should know about german short haired pointers? :D
  7. Jean Cote Administrator

    Don't they make great police dogs??? :)
  8. lonewolf Guest

    Ahhh I see. Is there anything I should know about german short haired pointers?

    They make great cart, sled and scooter dogs. Some sort of work schedual should be put into place with this type of breed as they can become a bit nerotic if they are not given a job to do. As many people do not hunt or have lakes nearby for these dogs to play fetch in ( a floating device with raw chicken in it makes for a wonderful fetch toy ) carting and scootering has become very popular for this breed. If you are handy there are many plans on the internet for building a small cart and a pulling harness can be bought for around 60.00. cost of making the cart is around 60.00 also. If you are not handy a good pulling scooter can be had for around 200.00. They love to pull and it is quite fun to be scootered around by the dog.
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hehe I should do that with my husky!! :) I've never tried sledding - I will maybe this winter !
  10. lonewolf Guest

    I bet your husky would love that. They are great dogs. Once I get to know Rock a little better I plan to teach him to pull my car 400 or 500 feet. The car has a tow eye on the front and it is a small saturn station wagon. I dont really care about pulling contests but I think if he pulls the car once a day it will keep his shoulder and hind quarter muscles in good shape.
    By the way the most weight ever pulled by a dog was 5500 lbs of dead weight by a saint barnard. My car is not dead weight so it should be a snap for Rocky. Now if only I can convince my wife this is a good thing.........
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL!! I'd love to see a video of that in real life! :) That would be hilarious... But you do make a good point about keeping your dog active, I don't know if I would personally get my dog to pull my car but you are definitely on the right track :)

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