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hi all, have been a member of this group for ages..but just could't figure out how to post messages. I live in Bristol Uk and am owned by a 10 year old (or is it months)Border Collie named Ben.I have been to numerous training classes with him and its only now at 10 that he is beginning to think that the world around him is not as scary as he thought. He has just passed his Good Citizen ~Bronze~ which for him i think is wonderfull. we used to do flyball and agility which he loved but unfortunatly arthritis took hold and he had to retire..or thats what the vet said...Ben still thinks its ok to leap around and charge after anything.I would like to post pics of him but dont know how so if anyone could give me a helping hand it would be much appreciated
now i've got this far I hope I can remember what I did so I can post more.
thanks for letting me join


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Hi Lyn

I've from the UK too, Surrey way.

If you open a Photobucket account you can upload photos from there by just copying and pasting the last IMG link - that should work.

I just tried to do it via an attachment but couldn't get that to work.



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go to latest pictures-->upload your picture-->you don't have to have them online like picasa or whereever but you may by using a link or the picture itself. you can also upload straight from your computer or a link. to upload from the computer select category and continue-->for computer click upload from computer BROWSE button-->select picture and click open

you can also use the pulldown at top gallery-->submit a picture-->upload-->to get to the same category selection box.

There is a pixel and size limit and I can't for the life of me find it. I've seen it I know. I think I'm sleepy. Help Jean?? :dogtongue2: Anyone?