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  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Well, contrary to John Wayne's Texas days, it is FREEZING COLD here in Texas. This morning I went to feed the horses in two very very thick jackets, a toboggan, and my leather gloves...and I was still cold. The outside water was frozen, and of course, my horse troughs were empty. So, I had to fill 5-gallon buckets in the bathtub, take them all the way back out to the troughs, and fill them. Of course, two of the horses emptied them before I got out there for the second round. So it was a very long and tedious task. One of them, my yearling paint filly, is kind of bad about crowding(which we are working on) and this resulted in a fair amount of water being dumped on ME. She's a snuggler. SO, there I was, freezing cold and now wet. It took forever to fill the dang troughs, and I am not really a large person, so those full buckets got heavy fast. e-e I am sore and still cold and tired. Lol. But the horses aren't thirsty. Then I broke the ice in all the other troughs and trudged inside to snuggle under a blanket. -sigh- :dogsleep: I like the winter and the snow and everything...but I'm ready for summer. :doglaugh:

    Here's some things to do on a rainy day/bad weather day:

    -Do an extreme clean of your dog's kennel (clean the tray with an anti-bacterial cleaner, vacuum and/or wash the rug, blanket, bed, carpet, whatever you have in it, clean the entire crate itself)
    -Give your dog(s) a good, thorough grooming until it's warm enough for a bath day
    -Clean house(nothing wrong with a little pet hair, but your guests would probably appreciate the absence of Fido's 6-inch hair on their clothes. :doghappy: )
    -Organize all shot records and vet bills
    -Check all of Fido's toys and throw away the ones he's destroyed

    Feel free to post any other ideas you have. =) I'm sure those of you in the more northern places are used to bad weather days, so you guys probably know what to do inside while it's rainy. Down here it's not usually this cold. :doghappy:

  2. l_l_a New Member

    sounds like you had a rough day Tx_cowgirl! How many horses do you have by the way?

    yeah I should probably do an extreme clean up of all the dog hair in my house! my dog just sheds so much. This is despite having just been to the groomers last week, he still smells like cookie-dough (which I guess is what the shampoo they used on him smells like, I wonder why).

    My dog and I love the cold snowy weather! I hate the hazardous driving conditions that make my daily commute twice as long, and also the mud everywhere when the snow melts, but when there is fresh snow boy we are out there romping in it! It also is so serene because much fewer people are outside so it's like the whole world belongs to us. it snowed christmas day, and yesterday, and last night, and today it was blowing snow and the windchill was pretty nasty, but we were out snow-shoeing today with all this fresh snow to play in, we the only ones out, I just about froze my face off but he was loving it!
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    I have five horses. Cookie dough? Hmm, that's an interesting shampoo scent. Lol. Oh I love the snow...it's just days like this that make me ready for warmer weather. ^^ A fresh blanket of snow is gorgeous to me. A WHITE Christmas???? Goodness, I haven't seen one of those in.....years. Lol. I just don't like dry cold, which is what we have here in Texas most of the time. I love snowy cold, or rainy cold...but dry cold is just cold. e-e It's not really fun, it's just...cold. Cold weather makes my hands and back hurt due to past injuries, so just plain old cold is AWFUL. Lol. Most of my friends and family think I'm an idiot though when it's pouring rain or snowing outside and I run out in it. ^^
    Mud sheds a decent amount too, but I've gotten a few different deshedding tools. I want to get a Furminator, as I've heard those are excellent for notorious shedders. Mud's not too bad, but bad enough. I use two different deshedding tools, then a regular bristle brush. In the summer I clip her relatively short, along with the brushing, and this keeps the hair under control. You might ask your groomer if/what kind of deshedding tool would help with your dog's shedding. =) Furminators are pretty high, but if they're as good as I've heard they are, it's probably worth it.
  4. l_l_a New Member

    wow that's a lot of animals you have in your care! I bet you are always busy!

    yeah we actually had a WHITE christmas, the first time in my 16 years of living in Colorado! It was neat. Usually we have a brown christmas (no snow at all), and then last year we had a huge blizzard a few days before so it was not snowing on the day itself but was still an 'extreme christmas'.

    I googled "Furminator" and I was so amazed to see the pictures on their homepage! http://www.furminator.com/ you would think the dogs are half their normal sizes now!
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, yes. ^^ Plus 2 lambs, 2 steers, and a cat. =) 14 animals in total.

    Oh, Colorado is a gorgeous place. I've been there once, and I loved it. Yes, the Furminator is supposed to be really, really good. The Petsmart in my area carries them, but I have not yet bought one. Worth a shot, though!

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