Obedience Video


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Someone has been practising their obedience exercises!

[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG_G145DK18[/media]To me, this is the absolute bare minimum level that all pet dogs should be trained to. But hey, that's me. Her YouTube page also has some really good videos listed. (Look out for the cat being clicker trained to do a figure-eight around the legs.)

She's working to by the way. I strongly recommend these levels as, if for no other reason, if you use them properly and achieve each level in the correct order, your dog will always be challenged and the bond you build will be immense. Plus, I don't know about others, but I work better if I have targets to aim towards. These levels give me the targets.


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szecsuani;1261 said:
I think I'll try some of this, they can come in handy.
Yeah, I love them. I'm going to test Ellie on the level one tomorrow. I'm 99.99% confident that she'll pass. If so, then we can move on to level two!


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I loved that video! the dog is so eager to do everything and understands exactly what to do! my own dog could use more work in the "handling" department, as he squirrels around a lot like a monkey.

I also just found these two videos on youtube (they are both from one person) that really impressed me. It is one thing for your dog to be attentive to you at home because there's nothing competing for the dog's interest. but outside in the real world where there are all kinds of distractions like other dogs, new smells and sights and sounds, the desire to go exploring, and who knows what else. Outside the house is where the real test of practical obedience training comes in! Check this out, one of these videos shows a dog holding a sit stay with a bunch of other dogs running around it. Another one shows a dog leaving a group of dogs playing outside to come racing back from across the field when called (the owner appears to be using a whistle to call the dog, I guess over that long distance a voice command wouldn't be heard!)

Oh and these dogs are border collies, I thought that might interest some of you on here who are partial to the breed! :)




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This sounds like exactly what we need! The Come game (especially with strangers) and also the Touch--might do the trick. Daisy will do everything for me here at home and seems to love to learn but when we go somewhere else she is so timid and shy about everything, even though she does what I ask, it is with much trepidation. She has such a wonderful, playful personality...I would like for her to show some of it to others.