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  1. tracy Active Member

    thanks for the info but that is my biggest problem !
    i am an expat living in north Brasil at the moment and i don t have any other contacts with other dogs .. no parks for dogs here or anything like that ..
    she s still with her second vacination so it s more harder to take her around.
    every day i take her to a tennis court of the building and she runs around after me for an hour , that is the only training she s getting ...
    what can i do ?!

  2. Lindsey Well-Known Member

    The tips I've heard and used for bitey dogs was this: Put yourself on the threshold of a barrier (a door, a gate etc. something you can close yourself on one side and them on the other) play with the her and try to entice her to bite you. As soon as she does put her on one side of the barrier and you on the other. Teach her as soon as she bites the game ends. A minute or so later do it again.

    And throughout overall life have a tug with you if she'll tug and try to redirect if she starts jumping up and biting. Also, if she bites you anytime when playing end the game. Stand up and walk away.

    She's not biting out of dominance, she's doing it because it's fun and she's a puppy.

    Try not to think of it in terms of dominant and submissive. She's a puppy, she's not doing any of this to usurp you, she's just learning, exploring and figuring things out. Rather spend your time showing her what you want to do and reward her for that and be happy you have a ballsy puppy instead of thinking of it in terms of dominance.
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  3. Lindsey Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the double post.

    Are there places populated by people? The biggest part is getting her out and around the life you'll be living with her. Shopping malls, towns, etc. Anywhere there are people and just hang out with her rewarding her for exploring and being calm around stimulating experiences.

    Try and do things around your place for environmental stuff like have her walk on uneven surfaces, see and interact with plastic bags and just things that aren't really grass and concrete.
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  4. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    You took the words out of my mouth - great reply...

    Here is a great Kikopup vid on just this topic:
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