Not sure if this is the right place, but...


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I did not make this video, but one of my subscriptions on Youtube did and I got her permission to post this here. He looks like a wonderful dog and I think he should be given a chance to get adopted. :dogsmile:



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I couldn't even finish watching that video. I'm all teary.
Poor sad dog. I hope he finds a home. I wish I could take all the unwanted dogs in myself.
Let us know if he finds a home. Poor Moses.


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what a lovely boy. It's so sad that he was never claimed.

I am always dumbfounded that anyone can neglect, illtreat, or simply abandon any animal. He seemed such a faithful old boy.


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I feel for him.I hope he is one of the luckiest dogs that are adopted and given a nice warm home to live in.Like *drivingtenacy* said , i would take them all if i could.Best of luck Moses!