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Hi! My name is Rachael, and the new addition to my life it Torii. He was a shelter dog and is a very lovable boy who craves attention. He's about four years old and a Golden Retriever/houn/German Shepherd mix. At least, those are the vet's best guesses. I live in an apartment so we have often outings and a long walk every morning to make sure he's getting his exercise. He does have early arthritis in his back legs but he's starting supplements to hold off on progression of that hopefully.

Well, I'm really excited to start reading and being involved on the site!:dogsmile:

Jean Cote

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Hi Rachael!

:welcome: to the Academy, glad that you are taking interest in training your dog! Have you ever trained a dog before? There is definitely plenty of information to get you started in the classroom and the lounge is packed with other members who also train their dog, so when you have a question or a problem, usually somebody can help you! :dogsmile:

Have fun!