Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toys


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Levi ... the ball in this picture I bought from WallyMart for 12 bucks or something ...
you put the food it and the dog just rolls it around and the food drops out ... food drops out pretty easily but it does slow them down and for the price you cant beat it. Also doesnt harm the furniture when it gets tossed around.
If you put larger stuff in it it as well it can occupy them for a longer time



I really love Nina Ottossons toys, a pity the really good ones are so expensive. They're from Sweden but I think they cost less in the US than here.... I've bought her "Qulan", the treat dispenser ball, Dan really loves it. I use to put half of his kibble in it, I'm not a fan of just put a bowl of kibble in front of him, better make him work for the food.

The kibble doesn't go out to easily, he has to move it around and try pretty hard to get it out.

Now I want to buy Nina Ottossons dog pyramid, hopefully Dan will like it as much as he likes Qulan. Or maybe I should buy some of the more expensive toys.... Haha I guess my boyfriend isn't so happy if we have to eat cheaper for a while to afford a new toy for Dan.


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Awe she's sooo smart! and adorable! I really like that one. It's a touch easier than the one I got, but it makes them use their noses more to push stuff around. The one I have the dogs tend to just use their paws.