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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by marieke, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. marieke New Member

    Thanks! I usually refer to this village as boring but maybe using the term peaceful will offend the inhabitants less :msngiggle: . I only moved there about 1 year ago.

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, I don't think it's boring at all. ^^ I think it's very pretty...I'm a country girl, and would like to live as far away from city life as possible, lol, so the less active an area is, the better for me. Of course, for socialization purposes visiting more city-oriented places is always a plus... :doghappy:
  3. marieke New Member

    I also prefer the country over a crowded city but I come from a different part of Holland and only moved here about a year ago to live with my boyfriend Gijs. It's is what we refer to as "the new land" or "polder": land that was reclaimed from the sea some 50 years ago. That means there are no old houses/buildings (which I love) and very little entertainment. That's one of the reasons we got a dog. We wanted one anyway but we were gonna wait until our new house is finished (we haven't even started building yet as we are waiting for permits). And I was bored out of my mind and I missed Buck (my parents dog) who I always picked up in the weekend to stay with me.

    You can read more about where I live now here if you like
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lucky! One of these days I want to live as far out as's a long way away, but I'll get there. I want to own and operate a ranch and breed performance horses. I'm still young, so it's not like it's that far-fetched.
    I'd be lonely and bored too without my mutts. ^^ Are Stabyhouns relatively easy to find in Holland?
  5. marieke New Member

    Stabyhouns are together with the wetterhoun the only Dutch breeds. They are becomming more and more populair but they are still not a breed you see often in the streets. I think they were aknowledged as a specific breed somewhere during or right after WWII.
  6. Cavalier New Member

    Tucker had a few hundred treats bounce off his nose before he started catching them,just keep it up and he will get it eventually. I started close to his mouth like 1-2 inches away once he got the idea we quickly move to many feet away. Some dogs are natural catchers other need to learn it, like Little Joe and Tucker. I'm sure he will get it just keep it up.

    Congrats to all for the ball catching.
  7. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Just wondering because I've never seen or even heard of a Stabyhoun living in the US.
  8. marieke New Member

    There are probably not that many I suppose. It's a nice breed though, a bit strongwilled maybe.
  9. marieke New Member

    Whoohoo! I'm in Sweden visiting my sister, brother in law and niece. My parents also bought a house near them so we can come anytime we want without invading their house. Guus is with me and he's loving it. They live in a tiny village surounded by forrest. We go hiking every day. Tomorrow we'll go to a big shopping center where I'm gonna buy a dog back pack for Guus. Then he can carry his own cookies!

    Guus is great with my niece Anna, she's just turned one years old. She is crazy about Guus and keeps giving him kisses. I'm so glad Guus likes it, he just wants to play with her. I do stay with them all the time though, just in case.
  10. marieke New Member

    Guus had his last puppy training today and he did very well. We'll start a new training next week where they incorporate obedience with doing tricks (I prefer not to call it doggy cance :dognowink: ).
  11. addictinganimal New Member

    Great topic! Love the pictures.

    Lobo, my new rescue, is getting better and better at learning her name, Heel, and Sit. Tank is putting up with her rough housing more than before, and all's going well. :msngrin:

    PS--The pic is of them playing, Tank isn't being hurt at all. :msnohyes:
  12. nereis Well-Known Member

    Alfie did a backwards figure of 8! FINALLY! And my dad finished our A-Frame and our Dog Walk :D
  13. marieke New Member

    We finished puppy training last week and today we started obedience training which went really well. The sun is shining and I'll take Guus to the forrest later. Right now he's in total bliss because I gave him a marrow bone.
  14. emmasmamma Guest

    addictinganimal- I love the pix of Lobo and Tank together!

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