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Hello my Academist Friends,
as most of you know I love Newfoundlands and talking about breeds I can't stop praising this wonderful breed. But I don't want to add more words to those ones already told in two of the most complete descriptions of this noble dog. The first one is the LEGEND OF THE NEWFOUNDLAND and the second one is the ODE by LORD GEORGE GORDON BYRON to his Newfy. Hope you like them.
There is a land where the waves explode upon the reef in a boiling foam, there the legend was born.

As the story is told, God turned one day to contemplate all of his creations and saw on that Newfoundland Isle, flailed by storm a small nation of fishermen, whose rough, weather-beaten people fought courageously against the impervious elements of nature as the freezing cold winter and the unforgiving coastline took its toll, and the sea often asked the sacrifice of human life. Nevertheless, they remained deep-rooted, these men of Newfoundland with the stubbornness as great as their courage.

God saw, and in his infinite compassion, thought how he might alleviate their suffering. He searched among the creatures of his creations but found none that would serve. It was then he decided to create one anew.

He took the body of a bear, whose bone structure lent well to such arduous labours and whose thick fur would resist the bitter Newfoundland cold. Then he thought to sweeten this silhouette with the lithe, flexuous lines and movements of the seal, with all it’s prowess to swim and speedily slip between the waves.

Now turning to the sea, he saw the playful dolphins happily following the ships, their sweet, joy-filled eyes revealing their serene temperament, and more; they so love man that they often rescue them, saving them from the sea. Yes, they too would be part of this creature.

When he had done the moulding and casting, there suddenly appeared in his creative arms, a superb animal with glistening black fur; powerful and sweet in the same moment.

This new being, however, had to have an allegiance and faithfulness, tried and true, to be able to live beside man and be ever ready to offer his life for his master. It was at that moment that the Lord opened and placed in his chest, the heart of a dog, and the miracle was complete.

From that day onward, those men of the sea had beside them, their courageous companion ever strong, ever faithful the, Newfoundland Dog.

Near this spot
are deposited the remains of one
who possessed Beauty without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
and all the Virtues of Man without his Vices.
This praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery,
if inscribed over human Ashes,
is but a just Tribute to the memory of
Boatswain, a DOG
who was born in Newfoundland, May 1803,
and died at Newstead, Nov 18, 1808.


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I LOVE NEWFIES! My aunt had one that was cart and water rescue trained and he was the most loving companion. Unfortunately he passed away well before his time. But ever since I've wanted a newfie...but not till my three current puppies are a little older and we have A LOT more room, lol.


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I think they are a wonderful dog breed, beautiful and they are extremly devoted to their owner. My friend has a black very handome Newfie, and as Splitz said, he is amazingly loving :)


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Landseer that's a beautiful story! thanks for sharing! There is an mall pet supply store near our house that we frequent and the lady who owns and runs it has her Newfie there all the time, he is the store dog. He is such a gentle sweet giant, and the most unflappable dog I've ever seen!