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  1. dat123 Experienced Member

    Hi I'm new to this group. My wife and I love to teach our 3 border collies tricks and want to learn more. They know a several tricks, also compete in agility, flyball and canine frisbee and do demos for public events. Looking forward to swapping ideas and tips.

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Yet another border collie owner. ^^ Fantastic. Welcome to DTA! You are very lucky to be in all the activities you and your dogs participate in!!! I'm thinking you'll be a good addition to the site, and a big help to many of us. =) Sounds like you're pretty advanced! Enjoy the site, and the conversation. :doghappy: (There are definitely lots of good things to talk about around here!)
  3. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Always happy to see another Border Collie owner in the forums. We're slowly but surely taking over the world. :) Welcome aboard.
  4. jjwr Well-Known Member

    Hi Dave, thanks for the link, as you can see I made it :) .
  5. dat123 Experienced Member

    Hi Robyn. Great site isn't it. Not all the training videos are up yet, but the ones I've seen already, are very good, and the written instructions are very clear and easy to follow.
    Apparently you can post your own 'youtube' video of your dogs up to your profile list, but i haven't worked out how to do that yet !!
    Arlie had her senior health check yesterday and came thru with flying colours, just waiting a result from a lump on her side, vet thinks its nothing. Delta and Talin went swimming for an hour yesterday, there very happy. We started teaching the dogs, the 'round the box' exercise like in Richard Curtis dvd, with reasonable results.
    Anne has joined the group too, but hasen't posted an introduction yet.
    :dogmad: ( Talin when he dosen't get enough frisbee )
  6. jjwr Well-Known Member

    Great news abut Arlie, Dave - & I will be waiting for a demo on the away around the box on Friday :msntongue: :msngiggle: .

    I think putting up a youtube on my profile is a bit scary, I don't want everyone to see how bad we are :msngiggle: .

    I checked out the video on here of the command "around" last night & yep, very clear & easy to follow instructions! Am looking forward to seeing others when they are put up :msnohyes: .

    I have started to make a list of things I am going to teach Jonty to be able to do some tricks (as opposed to doggy dancing tricks) for our demo, I'll show you on Friday when I see you.

    (I guess I should go & introduce myself rather than just rabbiting on here!)

    :dogtongue: (Jarrah when I ask him to leave the frisbee alone)

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