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Hello My name is Kathy and I am from Missouri. My husband got out voted for a dog. We have a shih tzu named Ruger. He is 5 months old and is a great dog! He knows how to stay and sit. He is a very good listener, sometimes he listens better than our kids! (haha) I won't let him learn to shake (I know I am strange) because it's common and I would rather teach him high five. He still messes on the floor once in a while when he gets mad.

Jean Cote

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He got out voted ... LOL I wish I could of done that as a kid. ;) I like shitz tzus too, my mom has one.

What do you mean by he messes up on the floor when he gets mad? If you mean urinate, I doubt it's because he's 'mad'. ;)


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Welcome to DTA! :)

I think you should teach him shake first, because it makes teaching the high-five wayyy easier. :msnwink: