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Hi, this is our first time here. I have a 3 1/2 lb chihuahua that loves to go. She has learned to crawl, stick um up, jump through a hoop, park it, figure 8 around cones, spin and the usual ones taught in obedience class. She is working on Rally and is going to start Agility class. She is also a Register Therapy Dog. We're having a problem learning to roll over. But other than that, right now we're having fun!
J & Noel :dogsmile:


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I like Chihuahuas - especially trick chihuahuas! :) Welcome to the Academy. I'm looking forward to seeing videos of your little dog!

Jean Cote

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Welcome to the Academy! Try the bang (play dead) first and then expand to the roll over :)


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welcome, and i agree with everyone above, learning to play dead GREATLY helped my BCs learn to roll over!


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your little on sounds like a bundle of fun!

I taught over sitting on the floor with my legs in a V and the dog between them in a down facing me against one. with REALLY good biscuits, I lead his mouth over his shoulder - the one near my leg and toward his back... slowly and rewarding (clicking and rewarding) for every little bit farther he turned his head... for ex if he is turning his head over his left shoulder (to our right as we face him) and he is near the inside of my right thigh, he is going to have to "break" and roll - at least onto his RIGHT side... once you jackpot that you are "half way there"...

good luck!