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  1. cppugs New Member

    Hi - I just happened to run across this site while surfing the net. Looks like a lot of fun. Although I am not using clicker training, I have in the past and it works so good. I have used it on dogs, horses and parrots. I stopped using it with the parrots when they starting clicking themselves for a treat - lol
    I have a dobe (Kelsey), st bernard (Boone) and aussie (skye), then my show dogs that I do not do any trick training with. The dobe I have had the longest and knows the most tricks. The aussie, well, let's just say she isn't the bright bulb in the package or she just has me fooled lol. The St Bernard, I just go, but seems to be receptive to training.

    Kelsey knows quite a few tricks, Skye knows 1 and 2/3 and Boone knows 2 ( other than sit and down which are not tricks).

    This looks great and has already given me some great ideas. I don't have any videos of the fur kids, but will try to get one later.

    I can't wait to meet you all online and learn from you!

    Charleen :dogbiggrin:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Charleen! Glad to have you onboard! Yes clicker training is a lot of fun, and everybody can do it! :dogsmile: You said that you clicker trained your parrots? What did you train them to do?

    I tried training a fish once using a light as a marker signal but it was taking too much time, although the fish did learn to expect food when I was near the aquarium. :)
  3. cppugs New Member

    Hi, Nice to meet you!
    Yes, I use clicker training with my first african grey, Juno (she was Juno before the web Juno! LOL)

    The things I taught her were, step up (of course that was the first thing), then, I hope I can remember everything:
    Turn around
    Hide your face
    say your prayers
    wave (one foot)
    shake hands (the other foot)
    go up and down a ladder
    fly away to Georgia (which was just flapping her wings)
    give kisses
    Be a baby (lay down and cuddle)
    go upside down
    To say various things in response to questions. When I taught her to say "I want more" to get another sunflower seed. She started saying, I want more, then would clicking herself - LOL
    Then she would just do a trick and click herself. She would even try just clicking to see if she could get the treat! The little stinker outsmarted me!

    I also tried the clicker with my horse. He took to it within minutes, pretty amazing to see that kind of learning ability!

    I have use clicker type training in showing my dogs. I would not use the clicker, instead I would snap my fingers. That way when I was in the ring, I did not have to carry a clicker, but at the snap of my fingers, the dog would self stack for the judge. People constantly asked me how I trained my dogs.

    I have not used the clicker with Kelsey, but you have me motivated again and am going to try it with her. She is a smart, although a little reserved, girl and should respond well to it.

    Thanks for having a great site!

  4. blisandt New Member

    Welcome aboard, Charleen!

    I am going to share your parrot story with someone I know who has a few!

    hilarious! thanks for the chuckle!

  5. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Clicker Training Horses

    Welcome! What did you clicker train your horse to do? I have been curious to try it with my horses, but never made the time. Just curious for a couple of ideas.
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    HaHa that is so smart! :dogsmile: You'll notice that I use a combination of Luring & Clicker Training in the Classroom. But most of us in the Lounge and in the monthly challenges uses Clicker Training a.k.a shaping. :)
  7. cppugs New Member

    Clicker Training Horses
    I did not do a lot with him. First, I just wanted to see how responsive he was. So, I started him with touch. To touch whatever I pointed to. He learned that VERY quickly and would come running when I told him to touch something and pointed at it. Then, being a paso fino, flexation is a big thing and I work him flex by turn his head to one side and touching his side, then turning and touching his other side, while I was on him. I simplified this by teaching him to flex with the clicker and I did not have to be on him to do it, he would go through his exercises when I told him to flex while on the ground. The only other thing I taught him to do was to go to his stall when he was told. People are impressed with that one lol.
  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    I'd like to see a horse trained to sit on command ... I've never seen that. :)

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