Newbie With Brand Spanking New Puppy.


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hey , im laura and i have 2 dogs ( sandy and smartie) sandy is my soulmate who i have had for an amazing 10 years and smartie just arrived 2 days ago at the ripe ole age of 12 weeks. sandy is my shadow and listen to me (most of the time) smartie is a rescue whom i hope to train using a clicker. ive never used a clicker before so im hoping things go smoothly.

smartie seems to be a very independent puppy and only really wants to come to me if ive got food, so any tips would be appreciated on how i can have her attention when needed. sany has always watched my every move and listen closely so im hoping smartie will catch on to her clever big brothers ways.

any advice on starting training with a new puppy would be appreciated and definatly any tips on clicker training would be a life saver!


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There are lots of clicker people on here... but I'm not yet one of them so I'll just say Welcome to DTA and leave all the advice to other people!

In the meantime you're sure to find lots of hints and tips in the Puppies and General training Forums, don't forget to check out the Classroom too!


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We have a puppy (Toller) and he is 16 weeks old. We use a clicker and it's great for the both of us.
Sorry if my English is not correct but I'm Dutch :rolleyes:
We are using the clicker also for tricks.
We have used it with sit, down, follow, place. Try it, it works.
Good luck with it !


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Welcome to the DTA!

If you want to understand Clickertraining, check out the book "Reaching the Animal Mind" by Karen Pryor. It's a fantastic resource for Clicker trainers and a must read.