Newbie saying "Howdy" from Dallas, TX


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I was working with my Aussie, Shamus, on some old tricks and was wanting some new trick ideas. I came across this site and it looked very interesting.
I have 3 dogs. 1 Aussie, Shamus, 1 Blk/Silver Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Kaly, that just turned 1 on May 1st, and 1 Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer, Max, a rescue.
Shamus is currently active in Agility & Flyball and Kaly is in training for both sports. Both Shamus & Kaly are very smart and learn quickly but, Max, is a little slow. He is my couch potato which is OK by me cuz the other two demand a lot of activity to keep them out of trouble.
I'm looking forward to learning a lot from this group.

Susie :dogbiggrin: