newbie saying hi


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Hi everyone.

Just a quick post to introduce myself and my new best friend Duke who is a young GSD.

Although I have had a couple of dogs before, this is the first time I've really started to look into trainning the 'right' way and to also teach tricks.

My boy was rescued from a dog sancturay last December, very very painfully thin, covered in all sorts of foul things and stank to high heaven. He did not know what a toy was and now almost 4 months on is still suffering from the heaviest burden of worms despite 3 doses of prescription wormer from the vets.

However, he is just the happiest bundle of fun, now has loads of toys and boy does he now know what to do with them!! I'm also very proud to say that he has graduated puppy training class and has just started the pet class at our local dog training group.

He loves fun things and loves to show off the tricks that I have managed to teach him on my own like Hi-5, shake hands, kiss and is now starting to wave.

I'm now looking forward to teaching him some more things with expert help this time instead of my own probably clumsy methods.

Anyway, I look forward to joining in the discussions and more than ever bonding further and having fun with 'my boy'.



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Sounds like you have done well Duke! My dogs name is Luke - lol. There is a lot of good stuff on this site.


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Welcome to the Academy! There are so many great lessons, tricks, and challenges here. You will always have support too because we are all learning and experiencing together.