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Hi there my online nickname is Cymbals and I found your site when doing a google searching on dog training at a distance. I wanted to read here so I have registered. I have a rescue dog about whom we have no knowledge of her past. She is a Heinz 57 mixture but generally would be called a border collie. Likely has some husky and even possibly some lab in her. She has longish straighter legs than other border collies in my opinion but overall looks like a border collie. She was rescued after some trauma and her tail had to be amputated. We only knew her with her little tail stump (which I might add wags very sweetly) and so we have lost the tail as an identifier. she's black with the usual white markings of a border collie and she has two blue eyes.

Her name is Daisy and we/vet are guessing she is between 3 and 5 years of age.

We got her about 16 months ago and she has been in training ever since her arrival at our home. we didn't know much about dogs but this dog had some dominance issues and socialization issues around other dogs.

Well that's my intro and I will be browsing and reading here for a bit.



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hehe You should see my BC. She has such long legs. I think most do, but the longer-coated type just hide them well. As mine is a short-coat she can't hide them. :)

Welcome to the DTA and enjoy the tricks!


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thank you for your welcomes. Collieman you are probably correct. Ours has a short coat. I really am only beginning to learn about dogs even though we had a long coated BC when I was a child. I have discovered that owning a dog as a parent is really different. :msnohyes:

oh and how does one get the Currently Training subtext. With our dog Daisy when she first came to our home she didn't even know the sit command. now she knows very well that all good things start with a sit