Newbi Here - Aussi pups


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We are the proud new owners of an austrailian shepherd pup names Silas and we are foster parents to his sister Focus. They are 4 months old now and we are anxious to start teaching them some neat new tricks. Hi everyone!! Lori:dogsmile:


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It must be very hard with 2 puppies, I guess they learn everything from eachother, good or bad, that doesn't matter. I think I'd go crazy with 2 puppies at a time... :D
Congratulations for them! :)


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Welcome to the Academy, and good job deciding to foster Silas' sis! Both gorgeous pups. ^^ I hope you enjoy the site and find it helpful.


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What a wonderful thing u r able to foster sissy pup. That must be a huge bit of work but very worth it. I hope sis finds as good of a 4ever home. :dogsmile: