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Hi there...

My name is Jade, and my picture is of my dog "Bailey". Bailey is a lab mix (commonly referred to as a Lurcher...a mixture of retriever and sight hound). She was purchased as a search and rescue dog, but failed out of the program because at 2 years of age, she was too nervous around other dogs. She is now a working family pet. She's still an excellent search dog, but we use her for things like, finding hidden Easter eggs, finding missing hamsters, or basically anything that turns up missing. Most recently, she found my grandson's missing shoe. She's got an incredible nose, and loves working!

Unfortunately Bailey was recently diagnosed with Lupus and at nine, she's slowing down quite a bit. We don't expect her to be around much longer, and will be devastated when she's gone.

I came to this site to learn more about training service dogs. I'll be purchasing a new dog soon from a reputable service dog breeder (Labradoodles). The mother of my prospective service dog is INCREDIBLE!!! She has the most calm, confident and loving personality and has produced several pups who are currently working as therapy dogs. I've been researching service dogs for two years now and think I've got a pretty good grasp of what I'll need to look for, but I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to learn more. Of special interest to me is how to better choose the perfect puppy for my particular need.

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Welcome to the website Jade! There are a few other members that train dogs for helping others in need, I'm sure if you ask your questions in the Service forum they'd be happy to help you. ;)


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Okay - what kind of service dog - physical disability/mental disability? Will this dog be for you or for someone else? Or do you mean a pets as therapy dog?

I only have experience of the last one of those three and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your dog becoming a therapy dog.

Of special interest to me is how to better choose the perfect puppy for my particular need.
I'm not entirely sure what you want your puppy for so I can't really tell you much right now...