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Hi all - I'm a trainer from Massachusetts, and all four of my dogs like to do tricks. I have an Aussie, an Aussie mix, a big hound mix and a nineteen year old Yorkie.

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the Academy spiritdogs! Glad to have another trainer onboard! HeHeHe.

Wow 19 years old? That's awesome! I hope my dogs live that long! :)

See you around the Academy!



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Hey there - I'm in MA too! I'm in a little town called Warren, about half-way between Worcester and Springfield... what part of the state are you in? You can answer privately if you like - but it would be great to meet-up some time :)

I've got a 3 y/o Standard Poodle named Charlie, and I'm training a Poodle puppy to be a service dog.



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Wow, this is awesome! Who'd have thought there'd be that many of us from little MA on a site with international users :D