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Hello, everyone. My name's Tonya and in September my family adopted Blackberry (a Black Lab/Australian Shepherd mix) from the local Humane Society. She'll be 5 months old this week. When she came to us she already knew how to "ask" to go outside to potty, and sit (well, sometimes).

I found this site because I was looking up the search term "dog command hand signals". I'd like to work on teaching Blackberry a few basics (sit, come, stay, etc.) and couple that command with a hand signal. Right now we're in a puppy basics class and using clicker training and that's going well, but I'd like to also do hand signals consistently as she learns so that the concept of hand signals won't be like starting over later in life. (Did that make sense? LOL)

I'm near Seattle, WA and a native of Tennessee. I've lived in the PNW since 1998 and I love it here, although I do miss all my OODLES and OODLES of relatives back home.

Not sure what else I need to say in the way of introductions, so I'll leave it as is for now. I'm looking forward to learning a few things so I can teach my little Blackberry a few things. (MAYBE this old dog - me - can learn a few tricks. Haha!)



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Im sure youll find loads of help on here, and your enthusiasm is 80% of the solution! Well done and good luck, just always use your hand signals at the same time as teaching the commands. They twig it very quickly.
Heres your 1st target, sit to receive his dinner. Hand up when asking for sit. I bet in one week at dinner time, bowl in one hand, you put your other hand up and his bottom will hit that floor faster than a flash of lightning! Caro xx

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Hi there!

:welcome: to the website!

You can find the sit, down and wait lessons in the Level one and Two of the Classroom.

Dogs rely on their sight much more than sounds, so you will find a hand signal in each of my lessons. :dogbiggrin: You can always change them to whatever you want, but I find the way I teach them is good.

Have fun training your dog!!