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My name is Sarita and I own two GSDs. We live in Puerto Rico. We have been somewhat successful at teaching our girls, Gigi and Yum Yum a few tricks. Anyway, I am brand new to the forum and am SheilaKathy's cousin! Hi cousin!

Jean Cote

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Hi Sarita, Gigi and Yum Yum. Welcome to the DTA! :dogsmile:

If you need any help let us know, we'll try our best to give you tips and pointers that we learned the hard way through trial and error. :dogsmile:


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Thank you, Jean!

So far we are all really enjoying ourselves as we look around. This is such a cool site! It's very different from many dog related sites. If my girls could talk, they'd tell you that it is very appealing to them, visually speaking. We are having a blast! And we may take you up on that. Yum Yum is our guard dog. Nobody, not a person, cat, dog or moving cloud gets past her! She is typical GSD. Secure the perimeter? Check! Now my humans can do to sleep.

Gigi? If she could try a manicure, she surely would. She looks like a German Shepherd, but I suspect she's all standard poodle inside. She loves fetching anything, twists and turns in the air and leaps what seems like feet in the air. She is agile as the day is long! We'd like to teach her new tricks though, so I suspect you will be able to help us with this. Thank you!

But first she must get her manicure. =)



Hey Cuz!

Hey cuz, Babygirl is not the manicure type, I had such trouble getting her to wear some booties that a lady friend of mine back down in Florida (where I just moved away from ) knit by hand and sent up to us here in North Carolina. She did not like them and tried to take them off a bunch of times until finally, in defeat, she allowed me to take her out for a walk with them on ONCE, and photograph her with them on. Then she sat on "her" couch wearing them and "posed" for another shot or three. But in general she's not really interested in those kinds of things, more preferring to go out and socialize with other dogs and people. I have taken her to nursing homes even, because she's so good at that. She loves the residents there and they her! And I enjoy watching them interact. She's the best Therapy Dog I've ever had, never even had to teach :dogtongue2:her even, she's a natural at it!