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Hi y'all. My dog's name is Dixie. My roommate was on a date in FT. Worth when they saw Dixie and she was just a little puppy, about 8 weeks old the vets thought. He texted me a pic of her and asked if I wanted her. I had been thinking about a dog for some time but just wasn't ready for the commitment, I still wanted to travel anytime and party after work and stuff. Well anyway she fell into my life. So I got her on on January 30th 2010 so she should have been born around Dec 1st so she is close to 2 years old.

She had only been eating rocks. for two days all she crapped was rocks. it was awful. She had fleas and no hair on some parts of her back. She was surely about to die. It was also FREEZING cold in DFW then. It had snow and iced the 2 days prior to when she was found. They said she immediately passed out once she got in the warm truck and slept all the way to dallas. Now she is super healthy, shiny black fur, non oily, doesn't smell and i rarely bathe her, no allergies, clean bright white teeth. I know she's young but I hope she stays healthy!

Here she is a little older:

With my friends boxer:

Look at da wittle facceee!

Tricks: started with stay, sit, lay down. I have never really trained a dog before. It was dang near impossible to teach her to roll over. I started with the trick "bang" and pointing my finger like a gun. She drops on her side dead. Sometimes she won't lay hear head down all the way though. I have to shoot her again are point my finger closer to her. From there I finally got her to roll over by transitioning from bang, placing a treat behind her head and not letting her get to it by any other way than rolling over. very difficult. it took forever. all the tricks i've been marking with the word "yes".

So anyway we didn't practice any tricks for a while. I started working a second job at night on jan 6th so her life has sucked. I recently moved way closer to both my jobs and cut back at the second to 2 nights a week so we are getting more time together.

She forgot how to roll over! Instead of rolling over, the command "roll over" now makes her spin around. I seriously think that she THINKS she is completing the trick.

She is an insane fetcher. Extremely high prey drive. She loves to fetch tennis balls all day, i think she likes to destroy them more. I started with a frisbee, a soft flexible that is very chew resistant from REI, and had a hard time getting her to catch it in mid air instead of letting it hit the ground. I got her to finally start wanting to catch it in air by making her sit about 10 feet away. and then I throw disc right at her face so she catches it. I say the command "catch" right at the throw. If she caught it I marked with "yes" and then gave her a treat. her treats are just a piece of kibbel! She loves it.

Just this month she really started leaping higher than ever before to get the frisbee. i think she really likes jumping. So I though about how to get her to do some really badass stuff with frisbees. And that is what made me seek out a dog trick forum (that is what I searched). SO here are some pics of my girl. I have no clue how to go about teaching her sweet frisbee tricks but I am sure I will find some good stuff in this forum!



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Welcome to the DTA! She is GORGEOUS! There are a few people on here who do frisbee stuff, you should be able to find what you're looking for :)


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Hi and welcome to the forums:D
Wow - I love the pics - what a cute dog you have! I love her curly tail - she's just beautiful:love:
Her story is so sad - she's very lucky to have been found and even luckier to find a great new owner like you - well done for rescuing her.

I don't know much about frisbee but I know there are many members who do, however have you ever considered trying a bit of flyball with her. Due to the fact that she loves to fetch tennis balls this might be a great sport for you to try.

Here's a link to a site which briefly describes what flyball is
If you have any questions about flyball just ask and both I and many other members will be happy to help you.
Also check out the 'Dog Sports' section of the forum to find lots of threads on different sports.

You might want to try re-teaching her roll over with a new comand as she obviously thinks roll over means spin
This webpage explains a similar method to the one you used on how to teach roll over

Finally you said as a treat you used pieces of kibble, perhaps if you had a highly desirable treat training would be even easier for hard tricks such as roll over. An example as a really desirable treat would be small pieces of chicken (literally the size of a pencil rubber) or you could have a go at making your own homemade treats
Check out this thread from the forum for lots of ideas

If you have any more questions just ask - I hope you both enjoy the forums!