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I was surfing the web looking for new dog tricks to teach my puppy and found this place. I am a little confused about how this place works and will try and surf it in my spare time (which isnt much). I have 3 puppies...Tippy female 7yr rat terrier, Cujo male 5yr rat terrier and Kyrah female 6month doberman. Kyrah is the reason that I am searching for new tricks it takes alot to keep her busy. She learns very quickly and knows many tricks. Her top trick she is working on perfecting it opening the fridge, retrieving a beer and closing the fridge. Well, if anyone has any pointers on how this site works I would appreciate it.:dogtongue2:


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:welcome: I've seen your postings around, so glad you found this website!! Wow, THREE dogs, and all sound high energy??!! You go, Herb2relax!!