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Sue Barr

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I have a cock-a-poo and she is a FANTASTIC dog. She does seem to have a lot of allergies though. She has to be pretreated for shots; she has "inverted" sneezes, and now she's being treated for what looks like scabs on her back from some type of allergies. Any advice is welcome!


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Hi and welcome to DTA! Your little cockapoo is just adorable. I had a black one many many years ago (now long gone to The Bridge) - he was such a little clown. He looked very much like your little girl. They're so smart and so fun to train and teach tricks to - and if yours is anything like mine, she'll love the attention from showing off, so the more she learns, the more fun it will be! :p

Sorry she has so many allergies - that's so rough. So many dogs can be so sensitive to even one ingredient in their diet, it can set off a whole chain of events. My first question would be .. what kind of diet is she on?

We have lots of really knowledgeable people re: nutrition on the forum, maybe with enough digging, someone can come up with something and help you find some relief for your girl. Don't know you're vet or situation, so am only making a general statement here - oddly enough, lots of vets treat the symptoms, but don't really get to the heart of the matter. Not sure what you're feeding her, but many times their answer is to feed Rx Science Diet (to pad their pockets) which is not a healthy food at all, lots of junk and fillers in it, and a whole change of food with more nutrition, or a home cooked diet, or sometimes a supplement (or trip to a holistic vet) can wipe out all (or most of) the troubles.

Let us know her diet and maybe we can give you some suggestions and/or advice.

Most of all, welcome and have fun!!

Sue Barr

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Pandora is a dog we "inherited" when my son got stationed overseas. He's NOT getting her back! :)

She is seen by a vet at Banfield (Pet Smart) since we got her two and a half years ago. Right now her food is Royal Canin - Urinary SO14 as she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection... a few crystals in urine. Otherwise... we were feeding her Science Diet Lamb and Rice as that was what she has always eaten. Lamb and rice is suppose to be more hypo-allergenic isn't it? She came to us weighing 26 pounds and has been maintaining around that in spite of her begging for food.

I grew up with pets but I've never really owned one so I'm still learning and Pandora is teaching me too! She is extremely smart and a creature of habit! We go on one mile daily walks... something she insists on and pouts if she doesn't get in her walk.

I look forward to suggestions on her food! Suggestions for healthy treats are needed too! I've tried veggies... it just doesn't work on her.


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Hi and welcome to DTA.
Like jackienmutts says, it's often the diet that helps to get rid of allergie related problems. I am no expert in giving advice on what food to give, so I won't and leave that to someone else.;)