New Rescue Puppy


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My roommate and I brought Nelli home on friday night. You can read her rescue story here.
She is 11 weeks old. She's is very shy and nervous around any loud noises or sudden movements. She is the literally the complete opposite of Remi.

She's also underweight, so our main focus right now is on her gaining weight. Lots of vet check ups in the next month or so until we know she is healthy, and at the right weight.

She is still getting accommodation to everything here, but I can tell we will have some problems to work through. Be prepared for lots of questions. :oops: I'm more nervous with Nelli knowing that she's had a rough start, and she just looks so fragile and tiny compared to Remi.

Here she is:



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So we've had her for about a week now. She's come out her shell a lot! She is very feisty with Remi, me, and my roommate.

Her biggest problem is her shyness towards people. But since having her she has begun to go up to people for attention, as long as they aren't towering over her she likes being loved on. :) She allows gets nervous being held, so we are working on that.

She is tough to train and she zones in on the food, and sometimes forgets I'm there. I'm trying to teach her leave it, but boy is she persist on getting the treat! :cautious:

And she went to the vet and is being treated for worms. She had a very hard belly when we first got her, and the vet said that could be why she loves to eat, all the time. She is skin and bones right now, but she eats all the time. So we are hoping with the dewormer she will be putting on weight now. :)