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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by christina7689, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. christina7689 Member

    Hi all,

    Just got my first puppy and I am very excited to start training. Andi is a Wheaten terrier right out of the litter, just over 8 weeks old.

    I was looking for some advice on potty training. I am training her using puppy pads just outside the back door on the deck (decided to not start off inside so, hopefully she learns inside is never ok). At first it seemed quite easy, I took her out and she went on the pad (I'd do a click/treat), then I would let her stroll around the deck for some exercise.

    However, now she seems feel like the rest of the desk is the best place in the world, and no longer seems interested in doing her business. She'll sit a few feet from the pad at the end of her leash and whine to go explore. If she doesn't go, I bring her back in after a few minutes. However, she'll often go on the floor inside 1 min later. It's seems like she has to go, but is too distracted outside.

    I had read contradictory advice of this issue. Some people said don't bring the dog right back in right away (because she'll learn as soon as I go, I get put back inside and learn to delay her business). Whereas others said, no fooling around, it's just about potty and then back in. I suppose each option can lead to a different kind of struggle.

    I wish I could go back in time and not introduce her to any other part of the deck...but, what's done is done. Any suggestions for getting her to focus on what she is doing and stop going inside?
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  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Ok - a couple questions, thoughts, and a suggestion. You're doing it right - when she potties, do let her then have some free play time out on the deck - if not, she will learn quickly that once I go, I just get put back inside, so delay it as long as possible (wouldn't you?). It sounds like you're keeping her on the leash when it's potty time - that's good, that's what she's there for. No exploring til the job is done. When you bring her back inside, keep her tethered, don't just let her go be free (cuz you know she's gonna potty) - and be on "red alert". Tether her someplace, and don't take your eyes off her - she can be free again once she potties, she'll catch on to that, too. Ok, I'm out here to potty, and even if I don't go, I still won't be free in the house. Ugh. Better just hurry up and do it (outside). So - once back inside and tethered, the instant you see her start to go, grab her and get her back outside to the pad - and then throw a party once she goes - and then free playtime. Also, when she does go outside, the instant you see her start to go, add that "potty" cue, whatever you're going to use, whether it's "go potty", or "hurry up" or whatever your word(s) will be, add that now, so she gets used to hearing that right away and can start associating that with what you expect of her. She's trying to learn so many things in this huge new world. Also, you may want to leave a soiled potty pad out - it's outside, so who cares? Give her a chance to remember, oh yeah, this is where I went before, I'll go here again this time.

    How often are you taking her out? Be sure you're taking her out at least once an hour (day and night time) - you can kind of chart her schedule, see when she actually goes - every dog is a little bit different - and you might find out when she actually seems like she really does need to go -- then be ready. Have that clicker and some good little treats (and remember, click when she's finished going potty), loads of praise, and play time. And most of all, be patient with her. She's going to have accidents, she's trying to remember so much right now. Just get her on a really good schedule, and stick to it - just keep repeating and repeating and repeating, she'll catch on to that potty pad in no time. Good luck!!

    And - have fun, she's ADORABLE!!!!! :p
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  3. Anneke Honored Member

    Something else that might help in potty training, is to leave a pad that is a little smelly(when she only peed on it once) That way she knows that, that is the place to go potty. If you change the pads every time she went on it, it smells just as clean as the rest of the deck, so she will choose any place. It worked like a charm in my friends litter, they are now 5 weeks old and the all go on the pads, not in the rest of the nest.
    And with puppies you know they have to go: when they wake up, after they played, after they ate.
    And have a party eveytime she does it right, like jackienmutts says.:)
    She's adorable!! Enjoy this time, because they grow up so quickly!!!
  4. christina7689 Member

    I've been taking her out after playing and when she wakes up... plus various times in between. I'll add "hurry up" while she's out there.

    I'll leave the pad a bit dirty as well from now on (less work for me and money saving too!).

  5. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    I had a problem similar to you when I got my puppy Coco. He is now 4 months old, and fully house trained.

    I agree with everything Jackienmutts says. She is a great help.

    I trained Coco with puppy pads at first. He injured his elbow so I had to start indoors as he wasn't allowed outside alot (5 mins every 3 hours) until recently. He is now outside, I started off with taking the puppy pad outside with me. I changed it after he used it about 5 times. I add "Go Pee" and "Go Poo" as my words. He now elimates and deficates on command. He is now walking around the streets and parks of my local town and won't go until he hears those 2 magic words. and as soon as he is done, he sits and looks at me cause he knows I'm away to click and treat :)

    Good luck with toilet training.
  6. christina7689 Member

    Thanks guys. Now that she is more used to the leash she seems to be doing a bit better. She know when she goes then she gets to play after, so she is eager. She even seems to "fake it" sometimes in hopes of getting to go play, lol.

    I think we have succeeded on "where to go" since she seems to go quite well on the pads. It's not sinking in "where not to go" quite yet. She still thinks it's fine to go anywhere but in her crate. But I guess after 10 days she's doing well!
  7. Isi Havanese Active Member

    Better than I am! I seem to be the world's worst potty trainer! :(I think you are doing great. The smaller the dog the harder they are to train they say! I am starting from scratch this week myself with my 14 week old toy breed, Havanese. I am keeping her in the kennel or on a leash or in my lap unless she goes within the hour. It is so hard for me because of my tendency to want to spoil and love on her all of the time. I need to give a bit of tough love for the next couple of weeks and see this through. I brought a litter and a box, She digs in and play with that!:cautious: The potty pads she tears apartO_o so I bought a potty mat place holder and she rips the potty pad to shreds still. :LOL::cry:I can't seem to win for losing, like I said, World's worst!:mad:
    $22 dog litter, $ 24 liiter box, $13 potty pads, $29 potty pad holder, getting your dog to potty anywhere but on your carpet PRICELESS!:poop::ROFLMAO:
  8. christina7689 Member

    Yeah, its not easy. Andi tears the potty pads too. I keep her on leash and just pull up a bit when she starts to go at it (that way she can't get her face down into the pad).
  9. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    My puppy used to rip the pads apart at first but I just did a small, shard "Eh-Eh" and moved him off it for 1 second, then back on it. That seemed to work as dogs don't like to hear "Eh-Eh"
  10. christina7689 Member

    I wish "eh-eh" did something for Andi! She doesn't respond to any sound I make once she gets into chewing something....
  11. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    If the "Eh-Eh" doesn't work, I snap my fingers or rustle a carrier bag or even a dog poo bag. The noise from the carrier bag makes Coco think he is getting treats or food.
    It worked eventually after a few good attempts.
  12. Isi Havanese Active Member

    The treat tricking may work but she has barking contests with the shepherd so not many noises get her attention, oh except for the clicker which scares her:eek: she even runs from the treats when I used it.O_o Maybe that would work but I am still thinking of trying to reintroduce it so I had best not frighten her of them. But I have great news:D it seems I incidentally iused reverse psychology on her. After trying to get her to go potty on the pads, she is consistently going outside now. She goes pee almost immediately then she will wander further to just beyond a certain tree if she has to poo, then we play and we are all good for a while at least. She is actually doing better now than any dog I have ever had, suddenly I am like ," Oh this is how potty training is supposed to go! :confused::p
  13. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Haha I know what you mean.

    As for the clicker frightening her I had that with Coco and a friend's dog which I train also. Here is what I did to get them used to the clicker and not so frightened of it.

    1. Click and treat (not for doing anything just to get used to it)
    2. Repeat several times
    3. Maybe add her name, when she looks at you click and treat. (This also gets her responding to her name)
    4. Repeat several times

    Then try and continue with normal training for Sit, Lie Down, ect.
  14. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Not to hijack a thread - but you can also get softer-sounding clickers, I believe on the Karen Pryor website. Some dogs just don't like that 'click' sound (my old girl surely didn't), but the 'softer' clickers (they're a bit quieter) seem to be much 'friendlier'.

    Sure glad I don't have to deal with potty issues (currently) - brings back memories tho!! :eek::p
  15. Sammie Dunn Well-Known Member

    Potty issues are horrible to overcome. Still training Coco some things to prevent them. He is fully house trained now, trying to get him used to being left alone for a short while however, managed to get to 1.5 hours without any accidents as walked him right before i left and as soon as I got back... left him 2 hours yesterday and poop all over my floor :( Was scrubing the carpet for hours. i layed paper down but he plays with it instead lol

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