New puppy owner:)


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Hi, I'm tina and I have a 8 week old puppy I have just got yesterday. I also have a 3 year old bichon(narnia). My older dog was quite hard to teach as she had no "currency" sort to speak, she enjoyed sleeping ,still does:) She has learned the basics including not crossing the road unless at a cross walk:) Our new peppy is going to be helping my husband with small household chores such as opening doors, nothing too fancy the cost of a real helper dog is 40 grand and as he doesn't need that intensive help this pup should do. Buddy is a huskeyxlab/shepard. he's layed back and so far easy to work with although he's still getting distracted due to the new home and name.I can't figure out his currency yet as he sometimes likes the treats and othe rtimes a toy. I hope to get some really good tips on training the puppy:)