New puppy not getting along w/my other dog


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I have an 11 month old Shepherd mix, Sandia, and recently adopted a 6 month shih tzu/poodle mix, Lina. They are having a hard time sharing and getting along. Sandia is 64 lbs and Lina is only 5 lbs. Sandia just wants to play with Lina and Lina ends up jumping and biting her in the mouth or the neck. I don't know how to get Sandia to play more gently or how to assure Lina that Sandia is not going to hurt her.

Any suggestions?:dogunsure:


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Puppy should have a crate and you can put great yummy bully sticks or frozen kongs in there for entertainment. Give the big dog breaks during te day and protect him from puppy pounces when he sleeps and give him some alone time with special attention. My dog visibe relaxed when i gave puppy some crate time and it taught patience to theh puppy. Let the puppy drag a leash with the loop cut so it won't catch on anything. If they start a ruckus calmly grab puppy's aleash and lead her geny to her crate for a little time out with food. It's a positive thing but you need to be consistent.