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Hi All,

Looks like a great site. My name is Lora and I own a ten month cafe au late standard poodle named Venture. I am taking him to work with my twice a week and am looking forward to teaching him more tricks so my co-workers can interact with him in a good way. We are having some issues with stranger danger and my co-workers love rewarding him for waving "Hi" and then they are not so intent on petting him - which is a problem right now. I'd like to teach him a "hi" wave, "nice to meet you" shake, "by" wave and some stuff in between.

I'm looking forward to meeting people & their dogs, getting new ideas and at some point trying some of the challenges.

Lora & Venture

Jean Cote

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Hi Lora!

:welcome: to the Academy! I'm not sure if I understand what you are trying to teach your dog, it sounds like just a "Wave" type of trick so that strangers don't feel frightened?


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Hi and welcome Lora and Venture ... from Hivin and Bailey.

One of Bailey's best friends from obedience school is a SD Poodle, with the same colouring as Venture ... his name is Monet ( like the artist, not sure if I spelled it right ). He was great, everyone started referring to him as our royal consort ... when he went into a sit/stay ... he just looked so regal sitting there and he always had his chin just slightly raised, he was quite a presence ( and a character ) in the class. Actually is was Monet that's made us broaden our considerations for a future SD ... eventually we'll need a bigger dog than Bailey to meet our needs ... I've never even considered a SD Poodle, be after meeting him and seeing how terrific he did with learning his commands and skills ... well, think I'd consider a SD Poodle now for our next SD.

Sounds like you and Venture are well on your way in training and you're both doing well. Looking forward to seeing you in the forums and sharing information.

Take care: Hivin



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Welcome Lora and Venture (cool name!) :)

Be sure to upload a picture of your boy - I'd love to see him... I have Standards as well ;)