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thank you !!! (y)
your dogs are adorable too .. one question ? Why is the dummy used? is it a human soother to help with the teetch grow too or especially for dogs ?


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I LOVE it!!! We LOVE puppy pictures here!!! :love:

I thought of something else you may want to try. We just talked about this in another thread, as I was giving a review of a book I read - and the thread is titled "Plenty in Life is Free" - as is the book, by Kathy Sdao, who is a renowned behaviorist and trainer. One of the techniques she uses for all dogs - and this could easily be used for puppies also - is SMART: See Mark And Reward Training. You count out 50 treats first thing per day and put them in a little baggie or container. For a puppy you could use her kibble or whatever you're using for her treats, maybe tiny pieces of plain boiled chicken? Anyway - throughout the day, you See Mark And Reward. You basically catch her doing things right - and reward her for those things. If you look at her and she focuses on your eyes - reward her. If she lays down quietly by you - reward her. If she's being quiet by you, reward her. If she's playing nicely with you (and not biting you), reward her. If she's laying on her bed quietly chewing her toy, reward her. Get it? At the end of the day, that little baggie should be empty. And this should be practiced every single day. And you can carry that little baggie with you, and just dispense them as you see fit throughout the day - but that little dog will start catching on to what good behavior gets a payoff - cuz no naughty behavior ever gets a payoff. You can say "Yessss" or some such word when you reward (yessssss with several ssss sounds has been showns to get dogs attention). Just incorporate the 'reward' into her allotted food for the day, no worries about her getting fat - plus the way puppies play, that shouldn't be a problem anyway. The thing is, when this is going on, they're learning and it doesn't even seem like an official training session - altho dogs are always learning, every single minute of the day. Just another suggestion, something you may want to consider.


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Love the pictures. Tracy is so cute I love her muzzle how the brownish black rounds out and it goes to white, so darn cute. Keep us posted on her proggress and if you need any help with her or having some problems with her just ask and we will all be glad to help you out.:D


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I did my own reasearch to find out her mixed breed and i found that she is a
Lab/Boxer mix but i would like to have some professional confirmatin about it.
It would be greatly appreciated.
Knowing your dog breed always help to discover her charachter.
Thanks a million guys !! :love:


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I bet you can NOT stop staring at that ball of cuteness!!

how adorable!!

Wonderful that she is coming along with tricks, for such an infant dog!

re: the jumping,
many experts feel that dogs who are less than 18 mos old (some say not til 24 mos old)
should NOT be doing much jumping, like only to THEIR knee high or shoulder high or less,
nor should they stand on only two legs,
nor should they run very far (like don't tie a dog less than 18 mos old to a bike and ride 5 miles)
nor should they walk very very very far,
cuz that is a repetitive motion on their joints.
The idea behind this, is,
since a baby dog's skeleton joints are not yet fully hardened,
not stressing their joints when they are young
can maybe help reduce chances the dog will have joint problems when he is adult or old dog.

(it's one thing if your baby dog stand on two legs briefly by himself, but, dont train him to do hand-stands or walk on hind legs til he is adult)
i never knew that.


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//"Lab/Boxer mix but i would like to have some professional confirmatin about it.
It would be greatly appreciated.
Knowing your dog breed always help to discover her charachter."//

well, all dogs are unique! You will discover Tracy's character as it develops.

there will be no other dog in the entire world, just exactly like Tracy is.
I kind of see boxery look there, too,
but, don't waste your money sending away for a "Dog Breed DNA" thing,
as most of those are scams.

It might be your one-of-a-kind cutie there,
is a full blooded Bitsa.

bitsa this breed,
bitsa that breed,
all your favorite breeds in one unique dog!!;)


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no i was not plannning to send any Dna tests i love her just the way she is ;0) but knowing your dog breed always helps, no ?!


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well, to some extent, i think knowing a dog breed can be helpful,
but, lots and lots and lots of humans adore dogs that they have NO IDEA what kind of breed it is!

I think it is way way way more important to know your own unique dog.
Even if you knew for 100% sure what Tracy is,
it doesn't mean Tracy would be just exactly like those other dogs of that breed.
Let's pretend we know for sure, that Tracy is pure boxer, okay? You can line up five boxers,

and one boxer might be shy and afraid of humans, and not enjoy strangers at all, but gets on well with dogs..

the second boxer might hate unknown dogs, but love humans.

the third boxer might be friendly outgoing dog who loves eveyrone and does not even mind fireworks, enjoys children, and will eat your shoes and your cell phone all day long, just chews all day long. Sticks to you all day long. This dog hates cats, and has bitten several cats.

the fourth boxer might only learn tricks if he gets chicken for it, does not like "shaping" tricks, and hides under table if you scold him, loves loves loves to run, just tons of energy. this dog loves cats. this dog barks a lot.

the fifth boxer might be an escape artist, that you have to watch every moment, or he'll run off. He enjoys digging under the fence, and you worry all the time about losing him. but this dog won't much like long walks, let alone long runs, and prefers to lounge around by himself, and does not follow you all around that much.

all five are boxers.

see? all dogs are unique, even if they are same breed.

see my point? It will be fun for you to discover,
and influence
what type of "personality" your own lil dog will have!!!


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I do like to know what breed of dog I have too. I personally find it helpful it lets you now what to expect sure every dog is an individual but they still have personality traits they get from their breed. Such as boxer are known to be clowns an well box with their front feet. I think your right with the lab/boxer mix I definitely see boxer in her. Does she have webbed feet.


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[ they still have personality traits they get from their breed]

Totally agree !!
Yes tracy do have webbed feet! what does that mean?!:unsure:
Well I was wondering cause most dogs webbed feet are water dogs my Border Collie/Lab has webbed feet which comes from the lab in her. So it is possible that Tracy is a boxer/lab mix you may also want to look into other breeds that have webbed feet and see if Tracy resembles any of them.