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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Vampire_Duckydog, May 24, 2011.

  1. Vampire_Duckydog New Member

    Hi There,
    My name is Lou & I'm the slave to four furry canines!

    Most of the dogs are now on the older side of things, and I would like to keep them entertained and
    challanged with some tricks.

    But my crew are:
    Polly - 11 years old - Parsons Jack Russell and Bin raider extrordinaire.
    Belle - 9 years old - Jack Russell x Foxy - ex Flyball Dog - mad lover of fetch games involving balls.
    Asterix - 7 years old - Jack Russell x Chihuahua - super guardian of the house and protector of all.
    Pippa - 4 years old - Minature Fox Terrier - only been living with me 8 months. She was pretty damaged when she was rescued initially and in the 10 months since rescue she has developed in leaps and bounds and is eager to please.

    Polly learnt a number of tricks with her previous owner - where as the others havent really been challanged mentally other than playing games. I just think its ideal to teach them some tricks while the weather is mouldy outside to keep them busy. :)

    I hope I can teach them a few tricks!

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  2. Ina Well-Known Member

    Oh, I better change my tagline :oops:
  3. Vampire_Duckydog New Member

    Why change it? Its perfect!! ;)
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  4. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :)hello and a very warm welcome,sounds like you ve got a looovely pack there:love:looking forward to a chat with you:)

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