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Hi, i'm a new member. I have a BC female mix, about 2 1/2 years old named Pixie, and an olden Golden Retriever, male about 10 years old named Buddy. I need ways to keep Pixie entertained indoors so the old man can get a rest. She is much more energetic than he is, and tackles him. Both dogs are rescues and Pixie adores Buddy but won't leave him alone. :dogsmile:


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Welcome to the Academy!!

I'm a BC owner and lover myself. ^^ The Border Collie in Pixie needs loooots of mental/physical stimulation, and trick-training is a wonderful way to wear her out mentally. My own BC knows over 40 commands, and still learns more everyday. She really enjoys our training and her tricks are both great entertainment and just a good way to enhance our bond. The classroom will help you learn about the basics of training and how to use positive reinforcement to teach your BC mix.

The monthly challenge forum should give you lots of ideas for new tricks, and just surfing the lounge should help you a lot. It's imperitive that Pixie gets plenty of exercise as well--and not just running laps in the backyard. Border Collies are very high energy dogs, and even though she's only partially BC, she's likely to have the high drive of these wonderful workaholics. All of my dogs are fairly young, so my BC, my BC/Australian Cattle Dog, and my Rottie mix don't mind the activity one bit. ^^

You should find this site very helpful. There are many BC owners here. If you have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to post it in the lounge. We have many active members who are quick to answer questions. Welcome, good luck, and enjoy the site!! :)


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I myself have a 10 year old BC.. who actually thinks he is still 10 months I am now trying lots of different activities based in the home as he now has arthritis. He misses agility and flyball but is quite enthusiastic about searching for treats!!!
I hope you have lots of enjoyment from this site I certainly have.


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Some inside things that entertain herding types are moving a pile of tennis balls from one box to another, putting away toys, free shaping tricks and other behavior like stacking bowls, getting in a box, this month's challenge is keeping my two interested. Learning to cross paws. Check out the challenge forum. My puppy is a year old and still tries to pounce my 4yo. When the 4yo was a puppy she was forever pouncing the 6yo. I keep trying to tell her what goes around comes around but she doesn't go there. :dogbiggrin:

You might also try leg weaves, 8's, back through your legs etc. All are fun and BC's seem to really enjoy this type of thing. Welcome to you and your pup!!